Yoga is for everyone!

For years, I hated yoga. As a former gymnast & lover of all things high intensity training and cardio, I felt like yoga wasn't hard enough and I simply didn't feel the "magic" everyone else felt.
But shortly after I became Certified in Reiki and felt the power of energy healing, I realized that yoga is more than just an exercise. It's a way to move energy through the body so as to release stress, anger, and anxiety. Yoga is like Reiki in movement and with the combination of both Yoga and Reiki, you can release a TON of pent up energy.





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Certified Yoga Classes...

At the moment, I am receiving teaching to become a Certified Instructor. Upon certification, I will be providing both classes and private in home sessions as well. Stay in the know, by getting on my email list!

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And yes, that is my lovely cat Leonardo. lol He loves Yoga & Reiki too!

See you in class!