What Is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese healing modality that is used by the laying of hands on your body. It helps to promote your body's way of naturally healing ailments such as headaches, sadness, soreness, unhappiness, and anxiety.

Often people who experience Reiki report feeling lighter, happier, and have more clarity and spiritual connection. Check out reviews below!

How Does Reiki Work?

Essentially, you lay down on a massage table (fully clothed) and I simply guide you into a meditative state through sound bowls, soft music, and bells.

Once you're comfortable, I place my hands on or over your various Chakra's to promote balanced alignment. My hands help your body to move any stuck energy (like stress or anger) out of your body, making you feel more relaxed and at ease.

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In Home Sessions Are Available!

Are you interested in having me come to your home? Reach out to me by clicking here and let me know in your request that you would like in home services. In home is only provided within certain area codes. There is a $25 non refundable trip fee

Unsure of what Reiki is? Have another question?

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Distance Reiki is Also Available!

Not located within the Chicagoland area but still want to receive energy healing and Chakra balancing? Distance reiki is available as well through Zoom calls! Book your session below or contact me if you have any questions!


I feel like a new woman!

"I had my very first reiki session last week with Lexie and I have never felt better in my whole life! I felt like a hot mess express before my appointment. Afterwards I’m a feeling like new woman with a purpose! I am filled with so much happiness and sooo grateful for everything Lexie has done for me! I cannot wait to see her again! She is filled with so much positive energy and good vibes she is just amazing to be around."

— Yvonne Spencer

I love the bowls & how deeply relaxed I felt in her presence...

Just wanted to give a shout out to my new friend Lexie Wilson.
She gave me an amazing Reiki session that allowed me to grieve and feel my feelings of loss instead of trying to be strong for everyone around me.

I loved the bowls and how deeply relaxed I felt in her presence. If you’re feeling stuck or unclear - I highly recommend a session with Lexie. Not to mention her positive light is just so nice to be around 😇

— Patricia C.

Reiki provides me with release...

"I find that Reiki provides me with a real release for a lot of stress I tend to harbor. It's a very cathartic experience and I feel very peaceful afterwords."

— Gretchen


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If you've been struggling to feel happy, connected to your relationships & friendships, inspired, close to God or spiritually awaken, or you're simply looking for a coach to help you figure out what your next steps should be.... then Reiki would be an excellent alternative healing tool for you.

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