“I am already utilizing the coping skills suggested to me and have noticed a huge difference in how anxious I feel. I am sleeping better too. Lexie dug into what I told her and helped me analyze what was really going on. ”
— Julie T.

Happy Clients


My crystal cocktail that Lexie has created for me is on point!!! After our call she helped me to see things about myself I haven't seen before. She also had given suggestions on ways that I can self love. I thought and had been pushing to do it all. Meditate, exercise, affirmations, walk, all before my kids woke up. Realistically not allof it would happen and I would feel horrible and stress all day over what I hadn't done rather than be in the moment and appreciate life.

The crystals she has chosen for me speak to me, literally. They speak to my being and my intuition is so much louder. I am living in more peace in other areas. In just the short few weeks I have had the crystals, I have noticed a huge improvement of my self love.

— Heather

Lexie is a genuine blessing! She combined her professional knowledge and fantastic coaching sills to help me with a long standing issue. She had truly innovate ways of looking at my situation. I am so relieved and excited to work her plan!! Moving forward using the tools I was given during our session gave me confidence that I will have a more positive outcome. Thank you so much!

— Cassie M.

I just realized that after putting my crystal under my pillow, an unexpected check came in the mail for me within days! Don't know if it's a coincidence, but I'll take it!!

— Tiffany

I received my crystal cocktail around noon and by 6:15pm that evening I had an essential oils order (aka client) for over $60! This is only the beginning!! Thank you Lexie!!

— Jacqueline


I've been meditating a lot with the crystal cocktail YOU chose for me and it makes me feel courageous, powerful, and in my center. Combined with the inner work and intention I've been bolder in my decisions and daily actions. Thank you for energetically choosing the right stuff to help me get courageous in my life & show up authentically. <3 <3

— Tara

Working with Lexie was one of the best experiences I have had in a long time. She was able to ask the right questions that helped me to get down to the root of some of my issues. She opened my eyes to give myself permission to make decisions that may not be the long term solution but move me in the right direction of the path I wish to be on. After the session, I felt as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I have also experienced less anxiety in situations that were causing me great distress previously.

— rebecca

And yours will be right here.... <3 <3

I can't wait to work with you!

— Lexie Wilson