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I have absolutely loved this challenge. Lexie has such an amazing personality and energy. Lexie is so knowledgeable, extremely clear with her message and provides easy action steps. I am so grateful that I received so much value from this, at an affordable price.
There has been so much value with this challenge. I have the videos to go back to and watch over again, when needed. The beautiful journal which included prompts, has helped me gain clarity on what has blocked me in the past from moving forward. It has also included suggestions to take my spiritual practice to a whole new level. I am continuing to explore and implement what I want to use in my spiritual practice.
I have enjoyed this whole experience, and it’s not over yet! I have a group of like minded, amazing Goddesses to connect with inside this group. I’m sure that we will become friends.
— Caroline

When I first saw Lexie I was instantly drawn to her high vibe energy so when she offered a challenge called Help! I want to be my own guru shortly after that I just knew I had to join. The price was a complete steal! There was four days jam packed full of knowlede journals magic tools small class attention and high vibes from Lexie and an instant little soul family within the group. On the last day I manifested the new place I was manifesting for two years AND another major manifestation worth hundreds of dollars I got completely free!!! Working with Lexie was so amazing that I decided I had to work with her again and signed up for a card reading session. Once again Lexie did not disappoint!! Her reading was so accurate I did not even have to ask the questions I was seeking answers to she just told me the answers and then some ! On top of her incredible intuitive skills I got talk therapy with a bit of spiritually and woo mixed in which you can not get with regular talk therapy plus a tailor made journal from our session! I left the session feeling Empowered and incredibly high vibe! Lexie is a fantastic coach and energy healer she goes above and beyond in her work and I can’t wait to work with her again in the future!
— Angel W.

Lexie is a wonderful motivational coach. She speaks from her heart and her soul, and it is contagious! I have never felt so motivated and inspired to explore and grow my own spirituality and manifesting powers since working with her! She has helped me feel so EMPOWERED to manifest the future that I want. Thank you so much, Lexie, for being an inspiration and guide to me while I learn that *I* am my own creator! <3
— Kirsten Ann

Working with Lexie was one of the best experience I’ve had in a long time. She was able to ask the right questions that helped to get down to the root of some of my issues. She opened my eyes to give myself permission to make decisions that may not be the long term solution but move me in the right direction of the path I wish to be on.
After the session I felt as if a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I have also experience less anxiety in situations that were causing me great distress previously.
— Rebecca

Lexie, what can i say to describe my absolutely gratitude for our session today? After our call, I immediately went home and gave my husband the biggest, longest hug prompting him to ask why I was being so loving. You tapped right into what I have been thinking and feeling for the past couple of years and affirmed the road I am taking is exactly where I need to be. Your openness and thoughtful responses allowed me to have a frame of reference in regards to action steps around opening the blockages I am feeling emotionally. Being able to trust someone in a process of growth is not always easy, yet your warmth and understanding put me at ease to connect and engage. I look forward to continuing to work together.
— Crissy

I freaking love you! Your ability to read me and feel me were jaw dropping! Your insight made total sense to me. I’ve been processing what you’ve told me and growing from it already! Trust adn believe as I go through my transition of coming out of the (spiritual) close, I will be back for more!
— Cindy

After our mentoring call she helped me to see things about myself I haven’t seen before. She also had given suggestions on ways I can self love. I thought and had been pushing to do it all. Meditate, exercise, affirmations, walk, all before my kids woke up. Realistically not all of it would happen and I would feel horrible and stress all day of what I hadn’t done rather than then be in the moment and appreciate life.
The crystals she has chosen for me speak to me, literally. They speak to my being and my intuition is so much louder.I am living in more peace within which is bringing peace in other areas. In just the short few weeks I have had the crystals I have noticed a huge improvement of my self love.
— Tiffany

Our time was great!! I knew I needed self love and this totally has helped me to be in a better place.
I’ve also noticed since talking with you I am speaking and typing more from my heart without thinking so much. I am feeling better! Thank you for taking the time to listen and share with me!
— Cheryl

I absolutely LOVE talking with Lexie! She is so genuinely open hearted and caring. She knew exactly how to walk me through what I was feeling and how to transform those feelings into something positive. You will definitely come out of the session knowing you have an amazing ally in your spiritual journey. <3
— Danielle

Honestly I was very impressed with how it went! You were able to see into what I was trying to say and explain and gave me so much clarity about why I was struggling. I feel like I have a clear vision about what’s going on and how to tackle it now.
— Julie

I feel more confidence, focus, and more action in my business. Improved mindset and clearer vision too!
— Olivia
I’ve been meditating a lot with the crystal cocktail YOU chose for me and it makes me feel courageous, powerful, and in my center. Combined with the inner work and intention I’ve been bolder in my decisions and daily actions. Thank you for energeically choosing th eright stuff to help me get courageous in my life & show up authentically. <3 <3 <3
— Tara
In this call, I feel like I gained a lot of clarity. Lexie was able to help me sort out my thoughts so that I got very clear on what I want and why I was feeling unbalanced. Plus she gave me tangible work to gain even more clarity. I have already gotten results from our call! I had results the next day. This was PERTINENT and ESSENTIAL for me.
I will continue to apply the clarity I have received by living out my perfect day, setting boundaries, and knowing that I want my free-spirited nature to come out while still getting stuff done.
Lexie is wonderful! One session with her, and I am able to balance out my time the way I want to! She is genuine and very insightful. This call was OUTSTANDING. Don’t hesitate to work with her!
— Jessica