Just wanted to give a shout out to my new friend Lexie Wilson. She gave me an amazing Reiki session that allowed me to grieve and feel my feelings of loss instead of trying to be strong for everyone around me. I loved the bowls and how deeply relaxed I felt in her presence.
If you’re feeling stuck or unclear - I highly recommend a session with Lexie. Not to mention her positive light is just so nice to be around 😇
— Patricia C.

“It was an amazing experience.”

Hey everyone! I just had to come on here and give my girl a shout out! Her program, "Help! I want to be my own guru" set me straight, on what my spiritual practices mean to me! I recommend Lexie as a coach, motivational speaker, and reader, as her program had all of these benefits rolled into one! I really appreciated the time and effort she put into her program. It was beautifully created, very well put together, and affordable! It was an amazing experience I won't soon forget. Please consider Lexie and her services, you will be glad you let her into your life! Queen �

— Roseanna Newton

“The group was inspiring!”

I had the honor of learning under Lexie. The group was inspiring, easy to follow, and nothing short of AMAZING!!! Her live videos were informational and kept on target. I stepped away feeling confident with the tools that I was given. She also checked in with all the group members.
If you are thinking about joining any of her classes, or joining her in person for one of her services you will not be disappointed.

She is relatable, genuine, and an amazing person.
Love and light!!!

— Alison Rattray


Lexie is an amazing Life Coach...(she) uses a multitude of tools...I highly recommend (her)!

Lexie is an amazing Life Coach. I've had 2 one-on-one sessions with her and she's been instrumental in helping me get pass a really bad relationship and working with me on manifesting my dream career. I especially appreciate the journals she provides after each session that covers EVERYTHING discussed. Her "homework" helps keep you focused on your tasks. From card reading and sound therapy to tapping and crystal cocktails, Lexie uses a multitude of tools that aid you during and AFTER your session. I highly recommend Lexie if you are emotionally and/or spiritually "stuck".

- Mildred Parker

I feel more confidence, focus, and more action in my business. Improved mindset and clearer vision too!

— Olivia


“Working with Lexie is a brilliant investment!”

Lexie has fantastic insights and professional knowledge in so many areas and has helped me with some unique problems! She is truely a blessing and inspires me to be myself! I highly recommend her services and to stay in the loop of what she is doing since you will learn a lot and find so much relatable information!!! Working with Lexie is truely a brilliant investment that will help you get a plan and feel excited about your future possibilities!

— Angel Wielonski

“Lexie is a wonderful motivational coach!”

Lexie is a wonderful motivational coach. She speaks from her heart and her soul, and it is contagious! I have never felt so motivated and inspired to explore and grow my own spirituality and manifesting powers since working with her! She has helped me feel so EMPOWERED to manifest the future that I want. Thank you so much, Lexie, for being an inspiration and guide to me while I learn that *I* am my own creator

— Kirsten Ann


“You will definitely come out of the session knowing you have an amazing ally in your spiritual journey.”

I absolutely LOVE talking with Lexie! She is so genuinely open hearted and caring. She knew exactly how to walk me through what I was feeling and how to transform those feelings into something positive. You will definitely come out of the session knowing you have an amazing ally in your spiritual journey. <3

— Danielle L.

"I feel like a new woman!"

I had my very first reiki session last week with Lexie and I have never felt better in my whole life! I felt like a hot mess express before my appointment. Afterwards I’m a feeling like new woman with a purpose! I am filled with so much happiness and sooo grateful for everything Lexie has done for me! I cannot wait to see her again! She is filled with so much positive energy and good vibes she is just amazing to be around.

— Yvonne Spencer


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