Your Guided Dream Journal

Your Guided Dream Journal


One of the more mysterious parts of life, is our ability to dream. I often have people ask me the meaning of their dreams…. hoping for clarity or instructions on what to do in their waking life.

And the reality is, dreams can OFTEN tell us a LOT about what we really want to do in our lives.

On top of the fact, many inventions and GREAT works have been produced by the DREAMS people have had. Stephenie Meyer, the author of Twilight came about the idea from a dream. The same with J.K. Rowling.

It’s said, that dreams are often how God, Angels, & even Loved Ones speak to us. So if you’re ready to unlock your deepest desires…. download your copy today.


  • 208 pages of guided journal prompts

  • Monitoring the Moon Phases & Signs

  • Common Symbol Meanings

  • Common Dream Meanings

  • How To Lucid Dream

  • Which Crystals To Sleep with to Enhance Your Dreams

  • How To Remember Your Dreams

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