Crystal Cocktail

Crystal Cocktail


Have a bunch of crystals but aren’t sure what the heck to do with them?

Wish you could manifest more money, clients, love, etc. into your life but don’t know how….

This is where your Crystal Cocktail comes in! I’d LOVE to help you!

Crystal Cocktails are a service I offer to help people use crystal energy to help attract the things they want into their life.

On our call, we’ll talk about:

  • The issue you’re currently struggling with

  • What you would like to manifest

  • What crystals would work best for your manifesting practice

  • How you should use your crystals to manifest (ex. Which hand to use, which Moon cycle to use them with, how you should wear/sleep/hold them, etc.)

  • And you’ll receive the Masterclass on How to Use Your Crystals

And as a BONUS: You’ll also receive the “How To Use Crystals” Masterclass! (valued at $14.99!)

Which goes even FURTHER into, “how to use your crystals, how to make elixiers with them, how they are created, AND how to use them in healing layouts to manifest money and self love!”

So this is a service, that you don’t want to miss if you REALLY want to learn how to MANIFEST the things you want into your life! <3

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