Speaking is my favorite way to teach...

My grandmother, who raised me, was a teacher and I think I adopted her powerful and kind of way of empowering others. So now, I love to use my voice to help teach others a better way to live. I've held workshops, presented at college graduations, and retreats!

At 12 years old, my mother signed me up to speak at my first Youth Event. My topic? Dealing with discouragement. I was TERRIFIED but the moment I stepped on stage, I came ALIVE!

I made the audience laugh with me, cry, take notes, and even cheer! I was astonished AND hooked! That's when I knew I wanted to do this professionally.

I went on to speak at various youth programs throughout Georgia, New York City, and Tennessee. Once I received my Masters in Arts in Human Services in Marriage and Family Therapy, I continued to be invited to speak at professional conferences, retreats, meetings, and events.

I've provided speeches to children, teens, and adults and I love them all! So I'd love to chat with YOU about how I can inspire your audience at your next event!

What Other People Are Saying....

She is so open hearted & caring...

"I absolutely LOVE talking with Lexie! She is so genuinely open hearted and caring. She knew exactly how to walk me through what I was feeling and how to transform those feelings into something positive. You will definitely come out of the session knowing you have an amazing ally in your spiritual journey. <3"

— Danielle

I recommend Lexie as a coach, motivational speaker...

"I recommend Lexie as a coach, motivational speaker, and reader, as her program had all of these benefits rolled into one! I really appreciated the time and effort she put into her program. It was beautifully created, very well put together, and affordable!"

— Roseanna Newton

You will not be disappointed...

"I had the honor of learning under Lexie. The group was inspiring, easy to follow, and nothing short of AMAZING!!! Her live videos were informational and kept on target. I stepped away feeling confident with the tools that I was given. She also checked in with all the group members.
If you are thinking about joining any of her classes, or joining her in person for one of her services you will not be disappointed.

She is relatable, genuine, and an amazing person."

— Alison Ratteray.


Topics I Present...

Creating Healthy Friendships & Relationships

Staying Motivated & Inspired When You Feel Discouraged

Managing Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Manage Anxiety

Confidence Building

I can also create something special for your needs! Let's chat!

What My Clients Say....

See you at the next event!