Are you looking for a speaker at your next event? I'd love to be attend! Here are a few topics I enjoy speaking on, but I also love working with event planners to create unique topics for your event! Simply contact me below!


Anxiety Management Workshop

I provide teaching on:

  • Identifying Anxiety
  • Various Symptoms of Anxiety & How It Affects Us
  • Contributors to Anxiety
  • Practical Ways to Cope With Anxiety
  • Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Manage Anxiety
  • Journal Worksheets

Moon Work Workshop

I provide teaching on:

  • Moon Phases 101 & Their Meanings
  • Daily Moon Meanings
  • Moon Deities To Work With
  • Moon Manifesting
  • Altar Creation & Meditation
  • Moon Journal


Other Topics:

Other topics I enjoy providing teaching on are:

  • Spiritual Freedom After Leaving Religion
  • Building Confidence
  • Identifying Emotional Abuse
  • Enhancing Communication
  • Connecting with Goddesses
  • Building Your Unique Spiritual Practice
  • Your topic here!

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