For many people, network marketing seems like a really odd thing to explore.

However, in 2018, it is the latest way that Influencers are jumping into the business of social media marketing and making  money from their phones.

For me, the ability to make money by using my cell phone and  my social media accounts, was a no brainer. (Cue the Justin Bieber song. lol)

So now the question is, is it for you?


1. If you're looking to become your own boss WITH training....

then network marketing is for you! Network Marketing allows you to get training from another entrepreneur who understands how to work the business & how to make money. For many entrepreneurs, training isn't provided because there is no other boss. lol That's the perks of becoming your own boss. But it often means that you'll make a lot of financial mistakes that will cost you and your business AND waste your time. Or you'll have to pay thousands to hire a coach who will understand you. So instead, why not join a network marketing team with a GREAT coach who can provide you with support while also encouraging you to be YOUR OWN boss!

2. If you're looking for social media training... then network marketing is for you!

Social media is a beast and when used properly, it can be the BEST thing for your wallet. <3 Working from home CAN BE a reality when you know how to properly monetize your blog, IG, Facebook, snapchat, etc. So get you someone who understands how each of these platforms work and then can teach you how they're making money off it too.


3. If you're looking for a business coach.... then network marketing is for you.

A lot of people are frustrated with the lack of money they are bringing in from their blogs and/or businesses. It's hard to learn it all. Have someone guide you through the process and encourage you whenever you doubt your career choice. You can be a successful blogger or social media influencer, you simply need the right support. Network marketing provides the room for that BUT you must be careful of which team you join. The reality is, not all teams provide the same level of training. If the leader doesn't know how to help you with social media training, you won't get that support. So be mindful of your leader's gifts and talents AND their resources. Do they have the training or can they link you to the person (within their team) that has that training? Those are the things you must consider.

4. If you're looking for TIME and FINANCIAL freedom....then network marketing is for you.

Money is easy to make - honestly, it is. However, most of us are used to the 9-5 business model...where someone ELSE determines how much money we're allowed to have. In network marketing - YOU DETERMINE HOW MUCH MONEY YOU'RE ALLOWED TO HAVE. If you want more money, YOU JUST MAKE A PLAN TO MAKE MORE MONEY. And honestly, that is a BLESSING. The ability to decide your OWN paycheck, feels AMAZING. It means every day is an opportunity for more.

Social media marketing aka Network Marketing is the future. It's the fastest way to begin your own business with the support and encouragement you need to stay in the game. <3

Have you considered Network Marketing? What holds you back from exploring it? Let me know below!