Why I'm Tired of the LOA Community...

There is a LOT of inaction in the Law of Attraction movement.


I know I'm going to confuse, offend, and ostracize people because if you know me-you know that I really connect with the Law of Attraction. I've worked as a LOA Coach for years and have promoted it's way of life and meaning.

And there's a part of me that very much still believes in it BUT the COMMUNITY around it-well that's what I'm over.

The reality is, there are a LOT of people who don't want to work. They want to blame everyone for their circumstances, their pain, and their unhappiness. They want someone else to save them from their struggles. Someone else to pay off their debts, rescue them from their loneliness, and solve all of their problems.

They don't want to do the work to change their circumstances. These are the same people, who if given the opportunity to actually change their lives around - they wouldn't. They would rather stay with the same limiting beliefs and repeat the same victim story so they don't have to actually make a change.

I often find these types of people within the LOA community. Masking around like balls of "light" when in reality, they are seeking validation for their darkness. They want someone to say, "omg. I'm so sorry" - but they don't want healing.

Now, this is NOT everyone. There are a LOT of people within the LOA community, who are TRULY seeking transformation. These are the people that do their inner work frequently. They don't just read the books - they EMBODY the knowledge given to them. They hire the coaches to transform their mindset. They leave their toxic jobs to find greener pastures or they create paradise in the MIDST of their turmoil. They cry and scream about injustices and then they actually get up and DO something - whether it's about them, their family, or their society. They understand that the BIGGEST part of getting what you want (which is what we are ALL trying to do!) is actually GETTING UP AND DOING THE WORK TO MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE.

Listen, if you WANT to pay off your debts -GET A JOB THAT PAYS YOU WELL! Create a BUSINESS that gives you the MONEY you NEED to reach your goals.


If you want a better love life - GET OUT THERE AND LET PEOPLE KNOW YOU'RE AVAILABLE TO DATE! Stop hiding behind your complaints and actually be VULNERABLE and put yourself out there!


If you're struggling with your social media presence or your salesmanship - HIRE SOMEONE TO TEACH YOU HOW TO MAXIMIZE YOUR ONLINE SPACES or GET.A.BOOK!! We have access to knowledge LITERALLY at our fingertips - NO MORE EXCUSES.

If this offends you - GOOD! It means you know there's truth to what I'm saying and you're being called to act HIGHER and BETTER than you are.

It's time. It's time to ACTUALLY do the work that it takes to get what you want. Don't keep sitting back and blaming your boss for never promoting you when there are steps you can take (including leaving your job) to get the recognition you deserve.

LOA means WORK. It means TAKING ACTION. Not just sitting and waiting for something or someONE else to rescue you from your problems.


Lexie WilsonComment