Listen To Your Body...


I've had anxiety since I was a child. It's been part of how I coped with stress, I would become incredibly anxious to manage the rough the moments and even though it wasn't easy or fun-it became a habit to rely on myanxiety to get me through.

My anxiety would kick in the most at bedtime. As a child, I would avoid going to bed because I was scared of the dark and I was scared of sleeping alone. I had a really hard time with that and so I had to figure out ways to soothe myself to sleep. My mom and grandmother would encourage me to sleep with my favorite doll or my favorite blankie and sometimes it worked and others time it didn't.

But one thing that never failed me, was leaning my feet up against the wall.

My family would regularly make fun of me for sleeping "weird" but something about it completely soothed me as a child. So I continued to do it-even until I went to college.

Well, once I became interested in yoga and learning the poses-I learned that my body was doing what was natural to it.

My body KNEW what it needed to relax and because I was a child, I didn't question it. I simply did what my body requested. Often our bodies STILL do that. We crave fruit or veggies. We feel called to leave earlier than expected or to speak up and say something at times we didn't expect, etc.

Our bodies are glorious vessels that often know exactly what we need. Listen to your body.

Well the pose that has helped me to go sleep for over 30 years, is the "Legs Up the Wall" or "Viparita Karani Pose". It's a yoga pose that has been proven to help relax clients who regularly use this pose. It's super simple and no extra tools are required.

Try this pose before heading to bed. Maybe 10-15 minutes before you go to sleep, do this pose while reading or meditating.

Have you ever tried this pose? What does it make you feel? I'd love to know!

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