F!$K What People Think!


I don't know about you, but I know I've often been too afraid to be myself or share my real thoughts because I feared what other people thought.

I didn't want to face rejection or judgement by others, so I would hold my real thoughts to myself OR I would completely lie just to be liked (i.e. saying that I want to do something when I really didn't.)

I know I'm not the only one, so don't you judge me. lol

But you know what? I've realized that it doesn't matter what people think or if they judge me (so maybe you can go ahead and do it...*shrug*) because no one is better than another.

Your thoughts aren't more important than mine and mine aren't more important than yours. We're simply human beings. I'm allowed to have my opinions, thoughts, and feelings just like you are.

When you realize that, you realize that it's ok that some people have no clue how you feel and they don't care to understand. It's ok that some people won't like you. Matter of fact, it's a reality that we all have to face.

We won't be liked by everyone.

Think of someone like Beyonce or Jennifer Aniston. These are two amazing women that the majority of Americans-LOVE! As evidenced by how much money they make whenever they host events or movies. But even with ALL of the love they receive, they STILL have people who literally DON'T LIKE THEM! (Can you believe that?! I mean what?!)

There are people who find Beyonce to be untalented (CRAZY right!?)

There are people who think Jennifer is boring! (WWHHHAT?!)

There are people who think they are snobs, entitled, ungrateful, and unattractive even! WHICH IS LITERALLY SACRELIGOUS! LOL

But it happens! If even THEY can't please EVERYONE then take the pressure off yourself-you can't either.

"Ok, I know that people won't always like me - but how do I deal with the fear of losing the people I care most about? Like, what if I say something and my father stops loving me cause he doesn't agree with my truth?"

Ok, I completely understand that fear. I've personally experienced that myself. I've had parents turn their back on me once I stood up for myself and declared that I wouldn't tolerate being insulted or controlled. I had a parent stop talking to me for years when I finally stood up for myself in my THIRTIES! Yes, it took me 30 years before I finally told my parent that I was no longer going to allow them to say certain things or just do "whatever" they wanted to me simply cause they were a parent.

And that was hard. Losing a relationship with a parent, or anyone you feel closest too, hurts a LOT. It's like experiencing a death too soon. However, when I look back, I realize that my entire life became better once I FULLY embraced my OWN boundaries.

I was feeling stifled and that poured into my job, my friendships, and even my mental health. My self esteem suffered when I was in relationship with this parent because I was constantly ignoring my own opinions so I could please the parent (which often times, they weren't really pleased with me anyway!). So instead, I walked around feeling unloved, denied of my personal rights, unsafe around this person, and emotionally unstable for fear of doing something "wrong". This is unhealthy.

The best thing for me, was for that parent to end their relationship with me because it was at that moment that I was finally free to do whatever it is that I wanted to do. And so I did just that!

I moved. I went into counseling to deal with the loss. I hired a coach to teach me how to own my own business, which led to an increase in confidence. My confidence increasing led to me starting my own business, which led to me being able to pay off many of my debts. I fell in LOVE! I finally had the freedom to explore my spirituality and found the Law of Attraction. I reconnected with family members I had lost touch with as a result of being in relationship with my parent.

My worst fear coming true, led to the best years of my life.

So losing that relationship, doesn't always mean that your life is going to end. Sometimes, most times actually, it means that your life is going to finally begin!

Listen, your life is meant to be LIVED! Not controlled by those around you-even if they are family. Your worst fear may be your biggest blessing-allow it to come true. It will hurt, it will feel confusing and lonely. You will cry. But you'll also feel happy and grateful that you finally have the life you've always wanted. You'll finally have the FREEDOM you've craved. <3 Enjoy it.

For more ways to manage the energy of rejection, fear, judgment, and sadness that can come with caring so much about what other people think.... I encourage you to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to help release this emotion.



You're also welcome to book a session with me. Whether you want your energy healing and coaching online, at my office, or in your home-I have tons of options available and I'd love to help. <3

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