Need That Job? Wear This!


Crystals are a great way to receive energy.

Made from the earth,. Crystals hold onto energy from the natural Source and when held we are able to receive all of the benefits of that particular energy.

When you combine certain crystals, you're able to manipulate energy in a new and powerful way that allows you to help produce certain outcomes.

Whenever I combine crystals, I like to call them "Crystal Cocktails" and today I wanted to share the cocktail that I suggest for people who are looking for employment.

Here's a crystal cocktail to help shift your energy so you feel confident, motivated, and abundant! 💖

Aventurine and

Citrine helps with feeling confident and it also attracts success to you
Aventurine is fantastic for prosperity and good luck and
Ruby is a great stone for motivation and passion.

Good luck on your interview! Let me know how it works for you over on my instagram!

Lexie Wilson