What Are Reiki Sessions With Me Like?


So let's say, you're curious about Reiki, but you have no IDEA what it is and how I work my magic.

Then let's chat about it!

Reiki sessions are a chance for you to sit back, relax, and experience a peaceful moment to yourself. It's similar to massages in that you are laying down, but with my sessions, you are fully clothed.


Your Session

  • You'll start with closing your eyes, and listening to the soft sounds of meditation music or babbling brook or whatever sounds your prefer.
  • I'll then gently guide you through a guided meditation to help you transition from the fast pace world you've been living in, to this peaceful moment of indulgence.
  • During your session, I'll move my hands from the top of your head to your feet. Shifting energy, supporting your healing, and listening to the areas of your body that need the most energetic healing. I focus a lot of attention to your Chakra's to let your body tell me, what it needs.
  • To cleanse your energy, I may lay crystals on or around you or provide relaxing oils and sprays to encourage emotional healing
  • Once your session is complete, you'll more than likely need to be woken up. lol Many of my clients find their sessions so relaxing, that they fall asleep and I don't mind.
  • After your session is done, we can do 15 minutes of talk therapy and coaching to discuss any issues that you're currently needing guidance or support on.

With my therapeutic background and years of experience, this is no average Reiki session, this is for YOUR healing, coping skills development, and growth.

I'd LOVE to book a session with you! Come on by!

I am located at
1695 N Farnsworth Ave.
Aurora, IL

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