Help! I Want To Be My Own Guru!


Over the weekend, I went to see two of my favorite motivational and spiritual leaders.

✨Kyle Cease & Iyanla Vanzant✨

These two people are ✨POWER HOUSES✨ and have been a major part of my own spiritual growth and success in my personal growth AND my business.

I was expecting to leave both of the events feeling invigorated and ✨ENERGIZED✨ and I was so excited to see the after effects of these events on my heart.

But when I left the events....I just felt..."ok".

I wasn't expecting to not feel "motivated" after I left both events, but I didn't. I found myself wishing I had "more"...


✨More practicality
✨More reverence for the process
✨More depth
✨Just MORE!

However, I watched as the people around me at these events were experiencing ✨TRUE✨ transformation. Women were crying and men were pouring their hearts out....I saw each of them be activated-while I sat wondering "why am I not connecting with this as deeply?"

✨It wasn't until Monday (yesterday), while I was in my meditation that it hit me.

✨I LOVE these two leaders and so I CONSISTENTLY follow their lead when it comes to DOING THE SPIRITUAL WORK REQUIRED TO GROW.
✨I've MAINTAINED a spiritual health routine and I've CREATED my OWN unique process to keep me spiritually grounded and focused on my healing.
✨On a DAILY basis, I sit in either meditation or journaling practice or connecting with my Goddess in order to find my own Inner Voice and confidence.

However, most people around me are struggling to:

❗️Find the time to consistently practice their healing
❗️Don't know where to start to create their own spiritual health routine
❗️Feel disconnected from their Inner Voice and spiritual selves
❗️Are not confident in their OWN intuitive abilities
❗️Are confused about all the different modalities (crystals, meditation, card pulling, etc) and don't know which to try
❗️Haven't found the spiritual tools that they feel empowered by or always feel like they are "doing it wrong" or that it "doesn't work"
❗️Lack the COMMUNITY to find encouragement, direction, and support on HOW to be consistent in darker times...

And because of this, most people come to these events and it's at THESE events that they find the motivation, direction, community, clarity, and SPIRITUAL CONNECTION they have been aching for.

And I want ✨MORE✨ for people!

I want people to know that they can have THAT empowered and spiritually connected feeling ✨EVERY DAY.✨
They DO have the answers already WITHIN them - they simply need to be uncovered!
And that they do not have to wait for once or twice a year when their favorite speakers come around to find their INNER STRENGTH. You CAN feel this every day!

💕So on April 23-26th, I am running an Online Challenge.....


✨"Help! I Want To Be My Own Spiritual Guru!"✨ is a 4 day challenge that will teach you how to:

🔮Develop Your Unique Spiritual Practice
🔮Get DEEP with your Crystal Work & The Specific Combinations You Can Use to Enhance Your Spirit Work
🔮Consistently Manifest What You've INTENTIONED
🔮How To Work With the Moon On A Daily Basis
🔮How To Create Your Own Altar
🔮How To Find Your Specific Meditation Routine

You'll receive your very own ✨GUIDED JOURNALS✨ to enhance your experience in this class as well!

And you'll be apart of a ✨secret✨ (shhh!!! lol) group here on Facebook where you can connect with other WOMEN who are also just as committed to their practice as YOU are. ❤

All of this learning in ✨FOUR✨ days!

✨✨And it's only for $25!! (Not even kidding!) How EXCITING is that?! ✨✨

So if you've been LOOKING for
✨Guidance &
✨Support on HOW to create a spiritual routine that works FOR YOU!

Then message me or comment below with, "Help! I Want To Be My Own Guru!" And I'll get you in!



✨✨✨✨✨Let's go!✨✨✨✨✨

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