Episode 109: What To Do When You've Achieved Success

I recently moved into a brand new home and it's easily the best home, I've ever lived in. It's a gorgeous space that immediately elevates my emotions the minute I walk in. It makes me so happy to be here, and it made me realize that I finally have "arrived". I manifested the EXACT life I want.

- I have the love of my life

- The home I love

- A successful business

- And a newfound awareness and confidence

- And I'm deeply happy!

All of that sounds sooo good BUT it hit me, that I've always lived a life where I was STRIVING for this level of happiness. Now that I have it, there is a temptation to sabotage it by thinking "well when is shit really gonna hit the fan?"

Can you relate?

Have you ever had sooo many good things happen to you or you finally reach the success you want, only to find yourself worrying about things following apart and losing all of the good things you've manifested? If so, then take a listen to today's episode.


- How to handle when your friends are negative or unhappy for you when you're going through great things

- How to deal with waiting for "the other shoe to drop"

- How to identify when people or your job is keeping you small or holding you back

- What to do if your present situation (ex your job) does NOT match you anymore BUT you can't leave it yet.

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