Starting Your Own Podcast

I've had a few of my friends contact me wanting to know how to get started on their own podcast and I'd LOVE to share my knowledge.

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I've had the pleasure of using both Macs and Windows so I'm pretty familiar with both, however, because I am currently using Windows-most of my instructions will focus on that.

However, I will include my favorite videos and posts that helped me to learn, so I hope this helps you!

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Recording Platform

WINDOWS: Currently, I rely on Audacity. I simply click on the red dot that indicates it is recording and I start speaking. I downloaded Audacity from here. It is FREE to download onto your computer and it makes easy for you to record your actual show.

You can edit and add music and things using this program as well, I just haven't figured this part out yet, so I don't feel comfortable trying to share how to do that yet. However, I will update this once I learn.

MAC: On Mac, you can simply open up "Garageband" and then click on "podcast" or "speaker" and it will allow you to record. You can add music, jingles, even commercials once you're familiar with the program. See the video below for more help.


WINDOWS: Once you are done with your show, you will want to "Export" your show. For me, that means I click on "File" at the top of the Audacity Program and then I SCROLL DOWN to export and then I click on "Export as WAV".

This allows the episode to download directly to my desktop (or wherever I want to save the file.


You'll want to be sure that you save the file in a format that is compatible with wherever you will upload your show. (see next step for further explanation)

MAC: At the moment, because I don't use my Mac to record podcasts, my info may be a bit dated. However, I believe you can simply click on "Share" in the info bar of the program and then scroll down to "Export Podcast". Save it as an MP3 or whatever format works and then click "Export"

Uploading to a Host Site

I use to upload my podcasts. This site works as a place to keep my files so iTunes can then recognize my podcasts.

Soundcloud allows you to hold a certain amount of space for free but if you want a long term, podcast, you'll have to upgrade to a monthly plan. My plan is $15.00 and totally worth it. Podcasts are totally free with this ONE exception so I urge you to invest in your show (if you really want to commit to podcasting) and check out Soundcloud. Simply visit the site, create a profile, and then click "upload" (located at the top of your screen) to add your show.

Once you click "upload", it's easy to follow along. Just add in your episode and include any information that you would like your viewers to see (i.e. any videos, tips, websites you mentioned, your social media, etc.)

Submitting to iTunes

Now this is the final step to adding your podcast so it shows up on iTunes. This step is easy but it takes time for it to finalize (iTunes took about 2 days to show my show on the app), so be patient and simply follow these steps.

Be sure that your photo is exactly the size it needs to be. I had to submit my photo several times because my photo was too big. You can use sites like or or whatever photo resizing sites you like to use to get your photo to the correct size.

And YOU'RE DONE! You made it!

This may seem a bit complicated, but I can assure you-it's not. It will simply take your time. If you have any questions, please leave them below or reach out to me on Twitter or Instagram!

And don't forget to check out my podcast! You can always subscribe on iTunes to stay updated for my weekly show!

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