Cleansing Your Personal Energy



I'm not talking about bathing, I'm talking about energetically cleansing our homes, crystals, bodies, and energy.

Cleansing is JUST as important as working with energy because without wiping the slate clean, we will continue to carry around energy that does not serve us.

When we carry old energy with us, it can:

✨Interfere with our intuition (our readings, our creativity, and however you use your intuition)


✨Cloud our judgment and contribute to choices we regret


✨Make us feel physically tired or even cause sickness (whether it's something as small as a cold or as large as a disease)


And there are tons more ways it can affect us.

So if you've been feeling foggy in your mind, endeavors, and work.... then take some time to cleanse yourself.


Here are a few ways you can do that:


✨ Sage your home, cards, crystals, body

✨Put your crystals under the moon light. The best times are at Full & New Moons for the most energy

✨Envision yourself engulfed in green or white light for healing and cleansing energy


✨Distance yourself from those who drain your energy or don't honor your boundaries

✨Listen to your intuitive voice about certain friendships or people. Never ignore what your gut is telling you

✨Have a sound bath (locally or online)

✨Schedule a reiki session

✨Exercise to move energy through your body

✨Practice EFT (youtube "EFT Brad" for examples and scripts)


✨Take a break from high sugar foods

✨Wear crystals like Amethyst, Rose Quartz, or Amber

✨Put lemons in a fruit bowl to release negative energy in your home

✨Soak in an Epsom Salt bath

✨Burn a lemon peel with myrrh and sage to cleanse your spirit


There are tons more ways to cleanse your energy, what ways do you like to use? Let me know in the comments!