Weekly Moon Reading February 19-24th


One of my favorite things about working with Nature is my work with the moon. I regularly look to the stars to help me figure out how to best use my energy throughout the week AND what I can expect from others.

The moon is constantly moving through various Zodiac signs (like Capricorn or Aquarius) and that can influence our mood AND our behaviors and it also rotates through 8 different phases that make it easier for us to call things into our lives based on the energy that the moon is giving out.

Have you ever noticed how people are a little more "crazy" or "intense" during Full Moons? That's because during the Full Moon, the moon causes us to feel things a bit more intensly and the emotions we've been trying to hide...start to bubble up during that time. When you know that, it makes it easier to prep yourself emotionally for that time of the month AND once you really know how to work with that kind of energy, you can take advantage of it by scheduling things around the moon so you're ready! <3

Each week, I've been sharing over on my instagram stories, readings for what you can expect from the moon energy. If you're not already following me on Instagram, click here to follow!

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Moon Phases:

How To Use Your Energy This Week

Mon - Wednesday

Waxing Crescent Moon

This is a fantastic time to focus on exploring any ideas or dreams that come to you right now. If you made wishes on the New Moon, it's a fantastic time to start to dream up more how you can make those dreams come true. For example, if you've been dreaming of finding a new home...this is a great time to list out how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want, what the neighborhood would be like, the color of the house, what you want in the backyard, etc. Visualize your future and get as detailed as you'd like.

Scripting is one of my favorite ways to manifest. Scripting is when I write a journal entry as if what I want has already happened. So using the home example, I would write an entry in my journal and date it for the day AFTER I moved into my new home and then I would talk about what my house looks like and how it's made me feel. The key here is to get as detailed as you want and to really feel like it's happened. Feel the relief of finding a new home and feel the joy of finding a home right on time. <3 Really use your imagination this week

Thurs - Saturday

First Quarter Moon

Now it's time for ACTION! So take those ideas that were coming to your head in the first few days this week and start to listen for inspiration on what actions you need to take. Using the home example, this would be the best time to call up on the realtor for the house you want.
Review your New Moon wish list (if you made one) and start to decide if you still feel just as excited and motivated to follow through with those wishes as you did when you wrote them down.
If you don't, it's ok to not pursue them. Don't stick with things you no longer feel fully committed to, because often times when we do that we are forcing the energy and that rarely works out in our favor. Going with the flow makes manifesting a lot easier.

Of course, this does not mean that you can ignore responsibilities. You still have to do things like pay rent, clean your home, and pick up your brother; if you said you would....lol
When I'm talking about releasing yourself from things you no longer feel excited to do-I'm talking about intuitive things you've been considering or things you've been desiring.

You may notice that challenges and self doubt start to rise during the First Quarter. Don't take that as a sign that you must give up. The Universe often tests us to see if we REALLY want what we want. Use these test to either gain clarity on if you want your wishes fulfilled OR if you realize that it's not worth it-then you have your answer.

Continue to practice scripting and visualizing the dreams you've chosen to pursue and are asking the Universe to help you manifest.

Moon Signs:

The emotions/behaviors you may experience this week

Mon - Tuesday

Aries Moon

People may be argumentative, assertive, and passionate around this time. Be mindful of your temper and your attitude around others. People may struggle to be patient around this time, so notice your patience level and try to be kind. Take care of yourself by practicing a lot of self care.

This is a great time to use your passionate energy to visualize what you want your dreams to manifest into.

Wed - Thursday

Taurus Moon

This is a great time to take it easy and relax. If you've been feeling the passionate energy of the Aries Moon earlier this week, this is a great time to focus on practicing some heavy self care.
Focus on eating comforting and healthy foods but be mindful of overindulging/overeating since around this time-we tend to overindulge.

Embrace your sensuality and love your physical body. Appreciate your round tummy, thick thighs, small booty, large breasts...whatever you have. <3 A great tool is to do mirror work this week and look at your body and say one thing you love about different parts of your body. Really shower your body with love. Take a slow shower or bath and wear clothes and scents that make you feel really sexy and confident.

Abundance comes easily during this time, so it's a great time to spend time focusing on those New Moon wishes and coming up with action steps you can take to manifest your dreams. Listen to your heart for new action steps that come up because an abundance of ideas may start to arrive. Write them down and then choose which ideas seem like the best approach.

Avoid judging yourself during this time, and spend a considerable amount of time LOVING YOURSELF so you can manifest faster. Do things you love, like working out or catching up with friends.

Fri - Saturday

Gemini Moon

Gemini Moons tend to be a really great time to socialize and reconnect with friends and family. So if it's been awhile since you've seen your friends-maybe go to brunch this weekend or have a girl's night at your house. Are you friends online? Schedule a Zoom chat and catch up that way!

If you have any networking events, this is a great time to meet up and share your new ideas with those you trust. Those New Moon wishes you're working on, tell the people you care about and ask for their support or help. Brainstorm approaches you can take to help you reach your goals and move you forward.

I'm excited to share this with you every week, so be sure to stay in touch and know when I post by subscribing below!

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