Episode 105: Dealing with Mismatched Energy


In my latest episode of The Lexie Wilson podcast, I talk about how to deal with ending friendships that you no longer feel attached to.

I was inspired by the issue that's happening between Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker, the two lead actresses from the famous TV show Sex and the City.

Sarah Jessica claims they were friends and Kim claims they were not and she feels hounded by Sarah Jessica instead of supported.

So this led me to ask the question, "How do you end friendships when you DON'T want to stay connected to someone" OR "How do you deal with a friendship when it doesn't feel like that TO YOU but it feels like that to someone else?"

So we'll talk all about boundaries

- How to stand up for yourself &

- How to walk away from it all.

PLUS I'll talk about "Ghosting" and answer the question.... "is it really all that bad?"

So take a listen here!

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