Panthers, Youtube, Oh My!

Whew! Another week has FLOWN by and this week, there was a TON of things I've loved! Here are a few of my faves from this week!

Black Panther

This was literally the BEST Marvel movie released! I totally enjoyed the story and the acting! I even found myself randomly crying during it because I couldn't believe what I was seeing on the screen!

I saw it opening night and I already intend to see it again on Sunday night! If you've seen it- let me know your thoughts in the comments!

John on Ellen

(this was the SINGLE BEST SET UP EVER on Ellen!)

Black Panther Album

I'm not the biggest Kendrick fan-which tells you how much I love this album!

Isabel Palacios

I love Isabel because of how wise she is and this video REALLY touched me. ESPECIALLY when she encourages us to stick with our passions NO MATTER WHAT. If you've been feeling discouraged or lost about your future.... check out her video. Let me know your thoughts down below!

What are your faves from this week? Let me know down below!!

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