The Cool History Behind October 31


So I️ was looking into the history of this magical time & found some really amazing things That I️ wanted to share!


🎃Did you know that October 31st is actually considered to be the witches “New Year”?
The idea is that it’s a time of both death & rebirth... this is a great time to shed old habits and begin new ones....similar to how the world typically creates new year resolutions in January 1st.

🎃Did you know this is a time for witches to remember and honor their loved ones who have passed over? It’s for this reason that many people associate Halloween with the dead. It’s not about being scared or scaring others but connecting with those who have passed since the veil between the physical and spiritual world is thinnest at this time of year. How awesome!

🎃Did you know that the Jack o Lantern was used to connect with ancestors and in some cultures, they carved menacing faces into pumpkins in order to scare away evil spirits?

🎃Did you know that the use of costumes on October 31 was used for several of them being to use as a magick spell to affirm who you wanted to become. The goal was to visually affirm who you wanted to manifest into within the next year. This is sooo cool! 💖

I️ love looking up the history behind things and learning more about this time of year and how our ancestors celebrated. It really gives me such a sense of connection to something deeper.

🎃 I️ hope you found this interesting, Happy Samhain!

Lexie WilsonComment