Working Out Outdoors!

I’ve always hated to work out outside, unless it’s hiking.  

I would feel sweaty and miserable and i hated the bugs and the constant interruptions of passerby’s wanting to talk. Lol I’m very extroverted but when I’m working out, I kind of want to stay in the zone. However, with the recent cold front in Florida, I felt inspired to try something different.

So I took to my local park, which has a ton of equipment and had some fun.

It was the best! It was around 45-50 degrees (which is freezing to this girl.... lol come on! Florida doesn’t typically go below 55 or 60!) and the cold made it easier to work harder to stay warm. I didn’t even sweat and that was helpful!

What I liked most is that I didn’t have to come up with a routine since the equipment was there. I also didn’t have to worry about sharing the machines (like you have to do at the gym) cause no one was there. I guess the cold DOES bother people anyway (sorry, that was a Frozen joke. Lol)  I just left Disney, don’t hate me! 

So let’s hop on into our routine! 


Even though it was cold outside, I still felt it was important to stay hydrated. Don’t neglect to feed your body with the fuel it needs to stay strong enough for you to work hard!


Because it was cold, it was important that I slowly warmed up my body to avoid injury. 

I don’t like to stretch very hard before a workout because I find that when my muscles are tight, it’s harder for me to get a good stretch. So I warm up through light walking, jogging, or marching in place.

Today, I decided on warming up with a light jog for about 2 minutes. I set an alarm on my phone and ran up and down the field. I felt like a pre schooler and it was a ton of fun!


After my jog, I did 15 jumping jacks. 


I did 3 sets of these and then took a 45 second break before....


I jumped into mountain climbers. Now because this is also part of my stretching, I make sure to really spread my legs to get a deep enough stretch in my calves and thighs. Since my body was still warming up, I didn’t stretch deeply at first but I took it slow for the first 30 seconds and then sped up as I felt comfortable.


If you feel too tight anywhere in your body, slow it down or take a break. I did Mountain climbers for 45 seconds. Then took a break. (See the video if you’re unsure how to do mountain climbers).


Next up, bars! First I did pull ups. You allow your body to be at a slight 45 degree angle, with the bar above your chest and then pull up. I did 3 sets of 10 pull ups. No breaks in between. The goal is to get your heart rate up and keep it there.  

I like to feel the stretch in my back so I made sure to SQUEEZE my shoulder blades in at the top of the pull up to insure I really felt my muscles working. Mind body connection is important when you work out so really envision your shoulder blades and back getting a work out.


Next was jump ups and I looked like a total fool and LOVED it! The great thing about working out at the park is you really feel like a kid! :)

So you start by crouching by the bar and then jumping up to get ABOVE  the bar. This will REALLY get you warmed up so I only did 3 sets of 4 jumps cause by the 4th jump, I was tired! lol I took 15 second breaks between sets.  


Lastly, I did incline push ups. Stand at an angle above the bar and simply push down - like a push up. Again, I like to imagine my shoulder blades and back feeling it - so i make sure to pull my elbows all the way back when I push down and squeeze my blades when I push down. I did 3 sets of 15 push ups. 


My FAVORITE exercise!! So with this, I simply jump back and forth over the bar. Because it had been awhile since I’ve done this, I started at the lowest part of the bar. When it becomes easier, then you can start at the higher part of the bar.


(Look at that air!! #AirJordan)

You can either jump from side to side for a time limit (ex 30 seconds of jumping) or do a specific amount. I did 6 jumps on each side and I did 4 sets of this. Meaning, I’d jump from left to right and that was one 1 rep. I made sure to have a LOT of fun with this! 


Anything that requires that I put all of my energy into something, becomes a LOT of fun for me. :) So I was truly enjoying myself!


Don’t I look like I’m flying?? lol 


Next up, was the double bars.  First, I would jump up and secure myself. Then, I would keep my shoulders steady while I swung my legs back and forth. This seems a lot easier than it is. Lol It requires a lot of upper body strength and core strength. I could only do about 5 swings back and forth but I’ll get stronger. I did 3 sets of 5 swings.


After that, I did the walk across. Which is when you start at one end of the bars and you walk your hands across the bars. Again, this looks a LOT easier than it is. My shoulders were on FIRE - which is clear in my face. Lol I could only do one set of these but I’m going to get better!




After my workout is done, I stretch. At this point, all of my muscles are warm and can take deep stretches. I also like to foam roll when I have the chance to.


1up Nutrition is a major help for my workouts. A general rule is to get in protein within 45 minutes of your workout. This is now my FAVORITE protein flavor. I’ve tried sooo many shakes and they’ve either tasted gross, made me nauseous, or were tolerable if I drank it quickly. Lol

However, this is the ONLY flavor that I actually ENJOY drinking for breakfast, snacks, and after my work outs. 

LET ME TELL YOU!!! This stuff is like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Shake! It’s SOOOO good! 

I like to mix mine with water and when I mix it, it smells sooo good and it tastes DELICIOUS! 

So after my workouts or whenever I want a snack but don’t want the sugar crash of a candy bar 🍭....

THIS is my go to flavor but I can’t wait to try the others!

So I hope this motivates you to just start moving your body. Find a park and run around and just have a good time.  

What kinds of exercises do you enjoy doing or what did you enjoy doing as a kid? Let me know down below!