How To Make Moon Water


I LOVE the moon and so i spend a lot of time studying it and learning how it influences our behaviors and emotions.

I find that by learning more about the moon, I actually learn more about myself and humanity and it’s just a pretty easy way for me to feel magical . Which in this very practical world, it’s nice to have something that makes you feel whimsical and excited.

The moon transitions in cycles and most people are familiar with the New and Full Moons. 

What I enjoy about these transitions, is how you can use the energy of the full and new moon to grow as a person. Whether it’s creating new opportunities or practicing your faith in manifesting - the moon’s transitions are a great time to slow down and get spiritually connected.

On January 31st, we are going to experience a pretty amazing phenomenon. We have a full, blue, super moon and Lunar Eclipse. :) Which basically means, there is going to be a TON of cosmic energy and a GREAT time to release old wounds and manifest big things!


Full Moon - When the moon is at it’s biggest stage. Illuminated by the earth completely

Lunar Eclipse - When the Sun, Earth, and Moon are directly (or closely) aligned.

Blue Moon - When there are 2 full moons in the month (we started off with a Full Moon in January and now we are ending with one. A pretty powerful month!) 

Super Moon - When the moon is closest to the earth, making it appear 7% larger and 14% brighter than usual.

So from an astrological point of view, what can you expect?

1. A LOT of emotion.

Full moons tend to illuminate the areas of our hearts and life that need attention. Old feelings may come to the surface and new energy may appear cause now is the time to see  what needs to be healed.

2. Manifestations to arrive!

What you’ve been focusing on, EXPANDS! So if you’ve been thinking about a lot of good things (more money, love, healing, blessings)- it’s arriving in this energy. You may notice an abundance of blessings all around! But it also means, if you’ve been focusing on worry, not having enough, and generally unhappy’ll start to see a lot of it around you. Stay focused on what’s possible. Trust that everything will work out.   

One of my favorite ways to work with the Moon is to capture its energy in my MOON WATER!  

Now, if you have no clue what this is. It’s ok. :) 

Moon water is clean water that has been left out under the moon. The moon charges the water with its energy and the water can then be used for a multitude of purposes.


So now it’s your turn, have you ever used Moon Water?

Do you work with the moon? I’d love to hear your rituals and fun facts down in the comments!

And if you’ve been wanting to learn more about the moon, how to use it for your spiritual practice and how to harness its energy to help you manifest.... consider joining my Spiritual Mentorship Program! I would love to have you!