My Hair Routine

I regularly receive questions on how I maintain the length of my hair and I thought it would be great to share with you all!

To start, I actually have seborrhea dermatitis and it creates very dry and flaky skin. I also have psoriasis, which creates itchy rashes all over my body.

It's not fun.

And for 20 years, I struggled with this ruining my skin and creating drama for my hair.

This is the routine I've found to help alleviate my itchiness, stop my hair thinning from the psoriasis, and help me retain length.

Weekly Washes:

  1. The night before I wash, I oil my scalp with an essential oils product from my company called Rejuvenique. It promotes growth, stops dryness and itching. I put this entirely on my scalp and massage in.
  2. Then I deep condition with my Replenish deep conditioning masque on my hair strands themselves. This adds smoothness to my hair cuticle and it repairs damage to my hair. 🙂 I cover my hair with a plastic bag or cap and then sleep in my deep conditioner and oiled scalp.
  3. In the morning, I use my Renew shampoo which is what helps with curl definition & my eczema. In the past, I used to wash my hair and soon after, I'd still scabs and dry flakes. However, with Renew, it actually removes my flakes without further drying out my scalp. I wash my hair TWICE. The first wash, it often doesn't sud (aka get soapy) because it's working hard at breaking down any pollutants in my hair. In the second wash, there are a LOT of suds and that's when I know my hair is clean and ready for my conditioner.
  4. NOTE For ethnic or curly hair: A key step to washing your hair is to divide your hair into 4 sections or braids. This will help with detangling TREMENDOUSLY. Wash and condition each section separately or however feels better.
  5. I condition my hair with the Junior Gentle Conditioner because it smells simply DIVINE! It's the best smelling conditioner ever and it makes my hair sooo smooth after. I only apply a tiny dosage because a little goes a long way.
  6. I then rinse with COLD water. After all the massaging and roughing around... you want to make sure to close your hair cuticle and cold water helps to achieve that. It also helps with detangling your hair and adding shine.

After Washing:
  1. I dry my hair with either a cotton shirt to help with preventing frizz or a regular towel if I'm unable to find a cotton shirt.
  2. I then moisturize my hair with Rejuvenique Oil. I am still looking for a leave in that is thick enough to really moisturize my hair (and smells good). So at the moment, I put the oil on my scalp to help with moisturizing my skin and moisturize my hair.
  3. Then I style. If I'm doing a blow out, I use the blow out cream from Monat  to protect my hair from the heat and then I use the dryer to create a straighter look. I may follow it up with a flat iron for a bone straight look.
    If I am going for braids/twists/or another protective style (like wearing a wig) then I just make sure to moisturize my hair with my oils.

So that's it! It's my full routine! If you're curious about the naturally based, organic products I use - reach out to me. <3 Shoot me an email at lexiewilsonmonat (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll help you figure out which products can help you out!

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