Friday Favorites


The internet is filled with a lot of great information, fun videos, and multiple ways to connect.

One of the best things about the internet, is that we can find something to share with others so we can all benefit.

So each week, I'd love to share my favorites right here! So here are my first Friday Favorites!

1. My Weekly Moon Reading

Each week, I like to sit on my comfy bed and research where the moon will be throughout the week. The moon is constantly shifting from sign to another, every few days. (You can learn more about that by reading this).
By looking at where the moon will be, it helps me to devise a self care plan that will address my emotional needs while also giving me a glimpse as to what I can expect from others around me. The moon is constantly influencing our emotions and passions, so it helps to stay in the know about it's presence. (I'll be doing a podcast on this topic next Tuesday so be sure to subscribe to my show here).
You can find my weekly readings on my Instagram account here:

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2. Learning the History of The Dominican Republic & Haiti

I love to learn more about my own culture and history and as an Afro Latina, I always like to learn as much as I can about my own history - The Dominican Republic. This video was so informative and I definitely recommend taking a watch! (They even mention my favorite Goddess, Yemaya).

3. Moisturizing Your Hair

I am always looking for the best ways to grow out my hair, and as a woman with relaxed hair (yes, I permed my hair after 8 years of being natural!), it's important that I learn from others how to properly care for my hair. And this video helped me to know what to best do each night.

4. Awesome Youtubers!

I recently found Allison through Instagram. Her bubbly and pink photos make me feel so happy and we follow a similar aesthetic. Plus, she LOVES Disney, and I do too. Well she's also a youtuber and I've been on a binger with her happy channel. Check out her videos (this one actually features her doing Goat Yoga!!! lol) for an upbeat attitude!

5. A Blog on the Instagram Algorithm

Naty Michele is one of my favorite blog writers, and this week she offered some tips on how to handle the Instagram algorithm - which I hate. lol I try not to get to obsessed with the analytics so I don't become anxious about the numbers (something I can't really control anyway). However, I found this to be helpful to keep in my mind when posting and I'm sure you may find it helpful too.

6. How to Stay Motivated & Inspired

Ok, so it's the end of the are you doing on your resolutions? If you're losing steam-then check out my girl Isabel. She posts amazing law of attraction videos and she is incredibly wise for her age. Check out this video and I really hope that it inspires you to stay focused on your dreams. I love to listen to her videos while I'm cooking or cleaning - so press play and listen. (Also, subscribe because her channel is FILLED with really powerful techniques to change your mindset AND your life.)

7. How To Say "No"

The Joy Junkie Show is one of my favorite podcasts, and this week, I had to deal with some people that I had to say "no" to and it made me a little uneasy. However, once I listened to this show-I was reminded that I am well within my right to declare what I can and cannot do (and you are too).
But if you need to remember how to say "no"....then check out my favorite podcast!

What are YOUR favorites? I'd be excited to find new videos, blogs, and places to check out!