The Secret Sauce To Long Hair

For really long hair, you have to develop a healthy routine and if your hair is more on the dry side... (like ethnic hair or Black hair) then creating a moisturizing routine is a requirement.

For me, the LCO method has been the most effective way for me to experience length.

L.O.C. stands for: Liquid, Cream, & Oil

When your hair is naturally dry, it doesn't mean it's ugly or bad. It simply means that because of our hair type, the oil from our scalp does not travel all the way down our hair shaft. So following this method allows us to add moisture to our hair and by sealing the moisture in with the oil, it helps to retain it. I am able to do this routine every 2-3 days before I notice my hair starting to become dry again. So you can choose how often you want to do this to your hair based on how dry your hair feels.


For my liquid,

I use Carol's Daughter "Green Supreme". I love this product because it's water based and it's in liquid form. When my hair is straightened, adding just water can make my curls come back-ruining my straight style. So to avoid that, I like to use Green Supreme leave in which includes a few other ingredients that have proven to be great for adding strength to my hair. Since adding this to my routine, I have experienced less breakage as well.


For my cream,

I use the Elastic QP Mango Butter and Olive Oil Leave in. I love to use heavy creams because my hair is very thick and needs a leave in that has "body" to it. If your hair is lighter, then you may want to avoid the cream since it does weigh your hair down. However, I have fallen in love with this product. It smells alright AND has a few other ingredients that add strength and moisture to my hair as well.




And for my oil,

I recently fell in love with Mielle Organic's Mint Almond Oil. This stuff is SO worth the money! You can find it at Target for around $13.00 and I like to apply it to my hair soon after using my cream. The oil acts as a sealant, and keeps in the moisture from the cream and the liquid leave in and it helps to give your hair that shine, curl definition, and glossy look we all want. 


Like, I said, I do this every 2-3 days,

but if I notice that my hair starts to break more when I run my hands through my hair or if it simply feels dry....then I do this routine again even if I just did it the night before.

I simply take sections of my hair (usually just two sections....the right side and the left side) and then I simply spray the leave in....and rub that into my hair. Then I add the cream and rub that in and then add the oil and rub that in. It's simple to do.

What are your favorite moisturizers? Let me know in the comments below! I'd love to know what you use so I can try it out too!

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