January Charity: Save The Elephants


This year, I’ve decided to donate money each month to organizations I’m passionate about and this month, I’m donating to @savetheelephants 

Elephants are facing endangerment due to hunting. That hurts me because they are so loving and sweet. Did you know that elephants can actually CRY when they are not with their loved ones and that they mourn the death of family members?

They also see humans as “cute”. The same areas that light up for us when we see puppies is the same areas that light up for them when they see us! So it’s so sad that they think we are adorable and yet, we cause them so much harm.

So consider donating even just $5 this month to this cause to support the efforts to save elephants. No matter your donation, it can help a lot.

What are your favorite animals? Let me know in the comments!   

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