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How To Create Curls Without Heat

How To Create Curls Without Heat


Heat tends to get a really bad rap. Most people talk about how it breaks down the Hair shaft and can destroy curls, and....well it’s true. It can  do that. However it IS possible to have beautiful hair while using heat. 

And one of the ways to properly use heat, is to not use it daily.

So what can you do to keep your hair beautiful WITHOUT heat? Well, you can try the Air Dry Cream by Monat, which helps you  have great hair without heat.

Check out video on how to properly use it!

So give your hair a break and still have beautiful hair! 💖

Reach Out to me if you’re looking to try it! 

Email me lexiewilsonmonat (at) gmail (dot) com. 


Before (Simply apply the product and twirl your hair) 


 ✨✨✨After!!! VOILA!!✨✨✨

Great hair without heat! 

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