Free your emotions with EFT!


One of my favorite healthy ways to address my feelings is using the Emotional Freedom Technique aka "tapping"

Tapping is a magical (and scientific) little technique that you can use to release energy that is within your body.

By tapping on certain "meridian points" on your body, you can change how you feel. (Try it!)

Brad Yates is an amazing person who offers many different tapping scripts that people can follow along. This script is to address issues that you may have surrounding trusting your own intuition.

If you struggle with feeling confident in your opinions...

Maybe you constantly ask for what everyone else "thinks" you should do...

Maybe you care WAY more about what your family, friends, even strangers think instead of what YOU think...

If those are your issues, then THIS video may help you alot.

Rate your lack of trust in yourself from 1 (being the lowest) to 10 (being the highest).

Do the video and then rate how you feel after.

Let me know over on instagram how it made you feel!

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