Do Crystals Really Work?


This is in regards to if you're not feeling the energy of crystals.... some people think that crystals don't work OR they think their body is immune to crystal energy and so before you take the leap into never working with crystal energy....I want to share a couple of reasons why you may not be feeling crystal energy....


💎1. You don't connect with the crystals

Getting crystals online is totally convenient and great for people who do feel overwhelmed by crystal energy when they go into a store BUT it doesn't allow you to connect with a crystal so you could see (before you buy it) if the crystal and you are meant to work together. So that could be one reason...

💎2. The crystal hasn't chosen you

So each crystal has it's own energy that it emits and it also has Deva's which are kinda like spiritual beings (but not really beings) that work with the energy. The crystal is "alive" for all intents and purposes and so they choose you just as much as you choose them. IF the crystal has not chosen to work with you, you won't feel a connection to it.

💎3. It's not charged or cleansed

So going with the idea that crystals are "alive". lol If your crystal isn't makes it harder to emit energy AND harder to receive it. The same goes for if it's not charged.... when crystals are in the earth, they are being cleansed and charged as they are formed. When they are out of their element-they lose energy SO using the earth energy of sun rays, moon light, sand/dirt, etc. you're able to "feed" it back. I LOVE to put mine out in the moonlight because it cleanses AND charges PLUS less damage is likely to occur. Some crystals do not do well in the sunlight and can become damaged if left out in the Sun for too long. So for me, instead of trying to remember which crystals require what.... I just use the New and Full moon energy (which are the most powerful times of the moon) to cleanse and charge my crystals. I use my Sun for emergency cleanse and charges and ONLY after I've checked to see if the crystal can take the sun and for how long

💎4. You need cleansing... lol

Ok so I say this in love. Another reason you may not feel it is simply because you're SO blocked that it makes it harder to feel the crystal energy. Now crystals DO release blocks-so don't you worry at all BUT there are times when someone's energy centers aka Chakra's are SO out of whack that other sources may benefit to unblock. Emotional cord cutting, Reiki, etc. are great practices that are super strong to cleanse and create space for you to receive not only crystal energy but any good energy as well....however another way to cleanse yourself enough to receive energy from crystals are....

💎5. It's not big enough!  

Size DOES matter when it comes to crystals. lol   Now, for newbies I do NOT encourage starting off with large ass crystals. I did that for my first time and it got me so high I felt like I was on drugs. lol BUT the right size crystal WILL produce an energetic exchange in you.   For me, I don't like TINY TINY crystals (unless it's clear quartz) because my body requires more and that's fine so play with different types AND sizes and see what gets your fire going. lol

and lastly (for this post)...

💎6. Be patient

Sometimes you ARE feeling something BUT because there is work to be done're not realizing your feeling it. It's kind of like when you take aspirin for a headache. The first few moments you take it, the headache is still there. It feels like it's not working BUT it is. It just takes time. Soo sometimes, the crystal is just saying "be patient baby girl....I'm doing my thang!" and so you just gotta hold on. Sometimes it takes a few moments to feel it, a few hours, a few days, a few months....even years but sometimes that's all it is.  

Have any more questions.... let me know cause Crystals are sorta my thang. lol #GemLife #CrystalGoddess hahaha