Reading for week of December 24th


A new card appeared for this week for us! As I meditated this morning, I felt called to ask which Goddess wants to work with each of you this week and Goddess Eireen showed. Her message to you is that you must exercise more faith in things working out. If you’re worried about the outcome, refocus back on how the situation is demanding you grow. Find peace in knowing that every problem is meant to make you better - it is not meant to break you or punish you.

Your peace comes from knowing the problem itself is a blessing in disguise. The blessings are many but one of the blessings is knowing that is demanding a higher version of yourself to emerge in order to get through it.

Trust the Universe. Call out to her this week to give you peace of mind through the stress. Google and research Goddess Eireen for more intuitive messages that are more unique to your circumstance. Trust that the words that stand out to you are her messages to you.