Why December 21 is So Important...



December 21 is commonly known as the "shortest day of the year" or "Winter Solstice" and this is more than just words on a calendar.

Winter Solstice, also known as, "Yule" occurs when the sun reaches 0 degrees of the zodiac sign-signaling we have entered into the beautiful sign of Capricorn (my sun sign!).

Historically, this day meant that the sun was transitioning into darkness, seeing as the sun is not up as long as the previous days. However, from that day forward-the sun begins to spend more time in the sky.

In the past, people celebrated this time as a time of hope and renewal. The celebration of "Yuletide" goes as far back as the Roman days where they observed, "Saturnalia" from December 17-December 25th.


To celebrate, people often decorated their homes with fir trees, holly, and mistletoe.
Sounds familiar?

Well that's because once Christians and Pagan mixed-Christians started to use Christmas trees to celebrate the birth of Christ-who brought hope and renewal to their world.

There are so many historical similarities between Christianity and Paganism but many aren't aware how tied the two are together and most people are more aware of Christian practices, but you are now able to research and learn about these wonderful traditions and maybe even incorporate them into your own spiritual practice.

You can celebrate Yuletide or Christmas or both! <3 Do what feels best for you!

A few ways to celebrate are:

  • Invite friends and family over for a dinner. Build a fire and sing songs, talk about your year, exchange gifts, and set your intentions for the new year. Then enjoy a delicious feast!
  • Meet with your angels at your altar. Whomever you feel most connected to... Jesus, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Michael, etc. Pray to them and show gratitude for your last year.

How will YOU be celebrating? Let me know over on IG!

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