Spiritual Basics: GROUND YO SELF!


When I first started exploring spirituality, I was sooo excited to read cards for people and helping others learn how to manage their anxieties and find comfort with the help of spirituality.

However, I didn't understand that it is VITAL for your spiritual health that you practice spiritual grounding and protection in order to to safely practice spirituality.

What is grounding?

The simplest way that I like to describe it is that it's the process of connecting to Mother earth and really being in your OWN body while being one with natural energy. So, I believe that we are ALL spiritual beings FIRST. However, we are in separate bodies-that make us all "humans". This is what allows us to feel great things like sex, eat chocolate, or the presence of holding hands. <3

When you work with spirituality-you are allowing your Spirit to connect outSIDE of your human body. You are allowing your mind and spirit to "escape" from the confines of your body.

Now when you are using spiritual tools to connect with someone else-you are exposing your spirit to the true spirit of the other person. This is where protection comes in.

Protection?! What and how do I do that?

Protection allows you to guard your spirit from the spirit and energy of the other person. The reason WHY you want to protect yourself is because when working with spiritual energy-it can be quite draining. So by protecting your own spirit-you are keeping yourself safe from exhaustion.
You are also allowing the unlimited Great Spirit (God, Gaia, Mother Goddess, Universal Energy, etc.) to help you connect rather than relying on your own LIMITED supply of spiritual energy. This helps you to not feel exhausted when working with spiritual energy. 

Now, when I didn't understand this....and I failed to protect myself... I found that I started to feel drained and negative. I felt exposed, unprotected, and unsafe. I also found that if I was dealing with negative energy from the other person (maybe they were dealing with a lot of unhappy situations and therefore their energy isn't positive or "high vibration"), I would find myself feeling the same negative emotions that my client or friend that I was reading for was feeling. Which made spiritual readings really awful.

(This can go as far as feeling the same physical sensations that they also feel as well... such as feel nausea because your client or friend does, etc. You can't be helpful if you're not feeling good yourself.)

Ok so, how do I ground and protect?

Glad you asked! haha

Here are a few of my own practices:


I love to ground by going to the beach and listening to the water as well.


I wear obsidian pretty much every day but when I'm doing readings - I make it a PRIORITY that I am either wearing or holding Obsidian in my hand since I have found it to be the most helpful for helping me to stay grounded. It also eases my own anxieties while protecting me from the energy of others.


Black Tourmaline is another REALLY powerful stone to keep in your collection. It's really perfect if you work with clients, work with negative people, struggle with anxiety, or feel unsafe. If you struggle with any or all of these feelings-I would recommend making Black Tourmaline one of your first crystal purchases.

So I would love to hear from you! What questions do you have? Let me know on my Instagram! Do you have any grounding or protection techniques that you prefer? I'd love to know what you do!

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