The Importance of Unicorn Magic!


<3 So today I wearing one of my favorite cardigans and I've gotten a TON of compliments on it. Someone asked me, "you always wear such cute little clothes! How do you find them?" And I told her the stores that I go to but more importantly, I shared with her HOW I choose the pieces.<3

🦄I used to just buy anything that I thought was "cute" or "in style". I was only concerned with if it was the right size and adorable in my eyes. But eventually, they didn't inspire me when I woke up in the morning and wearing them made me feel boring.
When I found Law of Attraction, I found out that "like attracts like" right? So whatever you feel-you attract.
Well if my clothes made me feel bored and uninspired. Well then it makes sense that I would feel that way (and attract more uninspiring and boring things into my life-I mean who wants to go out when you feel like you boring?)

🦄So I did some heart work and asked myself how do I want to FEEL about my life and I came up with 3 words.

-I want to feel abundant

-Magical and

-Sensual. *evil smirk* lol

<3 I looked at my clothes, and the majority of them did NOT match those vibes. Since clothes tend to be the FIRST thing that people see when they meet you-don't you want them to see a reflection of what YOU want to feel? Wouldn't it help you feel abundant if you wore clothes that made you feel as such? Wouldn't it make you feel magical if you wore outfits that made you feel like a damn fairy flying through life? <3

🦄Well, for me. Choosing clothes that match those vibes- has helped me a LOT in feeling abundant, magical, and sensual and as a result I'm attracting MORE in my life that matches those vibes because I FEEL it. My clothes are a steady reminder of how I WANT to feel. 🙌

🦄🦄So this is my trick. And it's worked for me. <3 You don't HAVE to do it this way, but it's proven helpful to keep me in a high vibe place. What tricks do you use to stay in the feelings you want to experience? Do your clothes and items that you buy for your home and life match the feelings you want?

<3 <3 PS Don't mind the bathroom photo but sometimes you just get happy for no reason and simply have to document your awesomeness-even if it's in a restroom. Plus look at that phone case! It's impossible to not feel magical when you're typing on a Unicorn! lol haha

Lexie Wilson