Stop Your Panic Attacks with This....


🎈Have you ever had one of those panic attacks where you felt SUPER flighty?

I mean, like your head isn't attached to your body and you're just spacing out?😶

I know when I'm around a lot of people, if I'm not careful...the energy from all the excitement around me can cause me to go into a sort of frenzy which eventually leads to a full on... not breathing right/sweaty palms panic attack.🙃

That sucks.👎🏾

🦄So Obsidian has become one of my FAVORITE stones to use to stay grounded when I need to feel in control and in my body. The Obsidian stone helps to relax your energy field and bring you from being totally celestial back to your earthly body.

The way I use it and I encourage my clients to use it is...

⚡️Simply hold the stone in the palm of your hand (or even on top of your head)

⚡️Close your eyes

⚡️Imagine a deep color moving through your body like smoke. Not dark energy, but simply a deep color since it's a reflection of the dark color of the stone.

⚡️When the smokey color reaches the bottom of your feet, imagine roots coming from the bottom of your feet into the earth. Imagine it reaching and reaching deep into the ground.

⚡️Breathing deeply, continue this exercise until you feel in your skin and body.

💖I LOVE to do this exercise. I have a lot of energy and it's easy for me to get "high" off it, so this has been a super helpful exercise for me.

Tell me how it works for you over on my instagram

Lexie Wilson