How To Believe In Your Dreams


You cannot expect to get what you want if you're too afraid to believe you can get it.

But it's ok to start small.

For example, if you want to be a successful entrepreneur-you HAVE to believe that you can (and will) make successful  #schmoney moves-as Cardi B would say it.

Maybe, you want to make $100,00 a year -but your mind has a hard time believing that's possible for you since you've never seen it done before.

No problem. Then start with a number you CAN believe in.

For example, can you believe that you can earn $40k a year? What about $50k? Start SOMEWHERE cause it will help you to achieve that goal. THEN you can continue to push yourself to believe that you can earn those six figures once you break every milestone.

But you MUST believe. THAT is what is gonna help you to get the salary you want one day and make the investments you want.

Other ways to increase yourself belief:

  • Read success stories of other people in the industry you want to break into. Read about successful doctors if you want to become one. Check out stories of successful singers, enterpreneurs, etc.
  • Listen to podcasts that help you become better at what you do. For example, if you're a saleswoman... check out podcasts on sales, relationship building, and investing.
  • Volunteer at locations where you want to one day be successful in.
  • Find mentors. Ask someone you admire, a leader in your industry. Offer to pay and ask questions.
  • Get a job working with someone in your field. If you want to be an entreprenur, check out small businesses and see how you can use your skills to enhance their business. For example, work part time (or full time) as an adminstartive assistant for a small business so you can learn. Or find CEO's, or CFO's, and see if they need personal assistants. (You can also do a search on indeed for positions like this). It doesn't exactly matter if it's in the industry you're interested in moving into because it's more so about skill learning BUT it doesn't hurt if you can find it in your industry
  • Meet other ambitious men and women who also are looking to learn as much as you do. This will motivate and push you on days you feel uninspired and discouraged

You can achieve your dreams, you simply have to be crazy enough to believe. <3

Lexie Wilson