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Motivational Speaker + Intuitive Life Coach + Certified Reiki Practictioner

I started my intuitive journey as a child. Most of us do. I used to look out at the Moon at night because I felt completely compelled to speak to it.
As I matured, I learned from society and my strict religious faith, that I was not to follow my intuitive drive to connect with nature in the way that I did. So, like most people, I hid my gifts. They laid dormant, causing anxiety and other mental health challenges, until I left my religion and found myself searching for my own Spiritual truth.

My path was difficult and  isolating. I had no one to tell me that it was ok to follow my bliss, pursue the healing modalities that brought me inner peace, or work with the spiritual tools I felt most connected to. This is why I now love to help women who struggle with embracing their true spiritual selves.

After receiving my Masters in Human Services in Marriage & Family Therapy and working as a Family Therapist and within the Social Services field for over 10 years, I have transitioned into providing Life Coaching, Reiki, and my Speaking services to women who are longing to find their own spiritual connection.

  • I provide 1:1 coaching on anxiety management, intuitive development, and coping skills
  • Hold local speaking events & community gatherings for women
  • Provide In home & online coaching and Reiki services
  • And create safe spaces for women to learn how to work with the Moon, Crystal Healing, Goddesses, and so much more.

It has not been an easy road, but it has been a road worth pursuing. And I would be glad to offer you a safe space to find healing, growth, and confidence.


Professional Experience

Master of Arts in Human Services in Marriage and Family Therapy
Bachelor of Science in Family Studies
- Certified Reiki I & II Practictioner
Family Specialist where I created individualized treatment plans and provided in home therapy and parenting education to couples and families
- Guest Speaker for University women's dorm and University Graduation. I presented four workshops to over 200 students on emotional health, depression, and healthy relationships
- Guest Speaker for 4th Grade Elementary students. I taught the girls how to create and maintain healthy friendships and what to do if experiencing bullying
- Guest Speaker at the National Student Personnel Convention, where I presented to University Deans, Pastors, and University Presidents on how to practice forgiveness and how to handle signs of depression in students
- Guest Speaker at an Online Women's Sexuality Conference to over 1,000 women on sexual wholeness
- Guest Speaker at over 8 spiritual centers presenting workshops on healthy coping skills
Case Manager where I coordinated the delivery of services, completed family assessments, and presented reports to the court and attend judicial hearings
Peer Counseling where I provided counseling and organized lesson plans for new teen parents
Parenting Educator where I taught classes to parents and families who were part of the child dependency system
Mentor to teens and young adults by providing one on one support and speaking at various non profits, Universities, and public schools

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