You Can Totally Sit with Us!


Getting into biz for yourself can be a challenge….

But when you have a team of women surrounding you, reminding you that your dreams are valid that you CAN make money working from home or money so you can finally have your first savings account, or money so you can just make an additional $500 a month - it keeps you going.

But what if you don’t know the first thing about:

How to make Money on Instagram or Facebook or
How to find Customers to Help or
What to Say to Make Sales or Share Your Products or Services?

What if all that scares you and you wish someone would coach you to success?

That’s where I come in!

I’m excited to teach you how I’ve been able to make money on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and even Snapchat all from being a Beauty Influencer with a luxury company called Monat.

Whether you want to join my team to make an extra $500 or $1000 or more each month….I can certainly show you the way.

Simply reach out to me below and let’s get you set up!

What You Can Expect:

  • Coaching Calls To Help You Launch Your Beauty Biz

  • Strategies on how to Grow your Followers & Friend List

  • Tips on How To Create New Leads WITHOUT Cold Calling anyone!

  • Strategies on using your Instagram & Facebook to Make Money

  • Video Training on how to use Facebook & IG Lives to make $$

  • Attraction & Authentic Marketing Training

  • Social Selling Training & Support

  • A Community of Women to Chat with in our Facebook and IG Groups - alongside our Group Chat

  • Daily Morning Motivation Calls

  • Workbooks, Calendars, and other Documents to help you make money in your business!

  • Incentive Trips to Locations like The Bahamas, Bermuda, Las Vegas, DC, Miami, Orlando, San Francisco, etc.

  • A chance to earn a FREE Cadillac of your choosing

And so much more to come! So I’d love to be your coach & mentor, simply use the form below to contact me. We’ll either talk by phone, email, or text (whatever you like because who REALLY uses the phone to call people these days? lol) and I’ll answer questions you have with no pressure to join my team. This is simply to see if this is a good fit for both you and me and my girls.

Name *
The thing I’ve enjoyed the most about joining this team is the support and inspiration we get. When I’m doubtful you are there to push all the negativity out of my head and focus on the great qualities that are within. There is so much to learn, so I never get bored. You’re always pushing us past our potential even when we don’t see it in ourselves, & I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to grow as a person & business owner with your help!
— Manda Fernandez

I just have to say that Lexie has gone above and beyond to make sure that we have all the materials and support that we need or (didn’t even know we needed!) If it wasn’t for her strength and support I would have definitely gotten in my own way and stayed discouraged about starting my business. Her encouragement and tenacity has helped me view this business in a different light. Her consistent efforts, strengthened us as a team!

She has inspired me to grow more as an individual but even more so as a business owner. I truly wouldn’t have been able to get this far without her and my team’s assistance and care. Working with Lexie and the wonderful ladies on our team has been a dream come true!
— Roseanna Newton