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Healing from Childhood Trauma

Healing from Childhood Trauma


In my second episode, I felt called to share strategies on how to heal your inner child from childhood trauma.

For many of us, we are walking around with deep wounds that we are not addressing.

We think it isn't affecting us....that we have it "under control" but....

  • If you're struggling with unresolved, unexplainable anger
  • You lose your temper easily
  • You find yourself uncomfortable around certain family members
  • You feel powerless, like everyone is always attacking you
  • You feel "unlucky" and like nothing ever works out for you

Then I can bet there are some things in your childhood that you are avoiding and it's starting to seep into your present day life.

So what can you do about it?

Listen to my latest episode where I share the exact strategies I've given to my clients on how to heal your inner child so you can FINALLY feel vindicated, safe, and confident on how to handle bullies/your emotions/your pain and so much more.

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