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Goddess Pele

Goddess Pele


🌺 I always love when Goddess Pele shows herself in my daily card readings...

Her reminder is to give yourself permission to go for it!🌺

Often, we hold ourselves back from pursuing what we REALLY want. We're afraid that people are going to judge us for doing things differently than the norm....



🍂Or we are scared we won't be successful....

🍂Or that we won't know how or what to do...

And so we live lives of quite desperation. Unhappy with our relationships, jobs, and spiritual lives because we are too afraid to simply live out what makes us feel passionate.

🍁Listen, it's not easy to embrace your passion-especially when you have negative energy around you AND/OR you're working at a job and don't have the time....

🍁But you simply have to prioritize your dreams because they deserve the same respect that you show to anyone else who also lives their dreams.

So if you could do anything, what would you do? What are your dreams? Let me know on instagram!

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Free your emotions with EFT!

Free your emotions with EFT!

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