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Law of Attraction Series: How To Deal With Self Doubt

Law of Attraction Series: How To Deal With Self Doubt

One of the worst feelings is when you're scrolling on Facebook and you just look at the photos & videos & posts of all your "friends" falling in love, having babies, traveling, buying homes, and succeeding in their careers....

When you feel lost, broke, lonely, unhappy, and bored with your life-those posts can feel brutal and trigger a ton of negative feelings....

I totally get it because I've been there! And it hurts-a LOT!

I have spent many a night, crying over just how unhappy I was with my life and complaining to my boyfriend about how it seems like everyone else has their life together-while I- "do not".

But the truth is, when you feel that way, it means there is some serious work to do and in today's video, I share the four things I do whenever my feelings of self doubt come up.

I'd love to know how YOU handle self doubt and what you suggest for other people to do...

Leave your comments below & be sure to share the video since so many others may benefit from hearing this advice!

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Need That Job? Wear This!

Need That Job? Wear This!

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