The Cool History Behind October 31


So I️ was looking into the history of this magical time & found some really amazing things That I️ wanted to share!


🎃Did you know that October 31st is actually considered to be the witches “New Year”?
The idea is that it’s a time of both death & rebirth... this is a great time to shed old habits and begin new ones....similar to how the world typically creates new year resolutions in January 1st.

🎃Did you know this is a time for witches to remember and honor their loved ones who have passed over? It’s for this reason that many people associate Halloween with the dead. It’s not about being scared or scaring others but connecting with those who have passed since the veil between the physical and spiritual world is thinnest at this time of year. How awesome!

🎃Did you know that the Jack o Lantern was used to connect with ancestors and in some cultures, they carved menacing faces into pumpkins in order to scare away evil spirits?

🎃Did you know that the use of costumes on October 31 was used for several of them being to use as a magick spell to affirm who you wanted to become. The goal was to visually affirm who you wanted to manifest into within the next year. This is sooo cool! 💖

I️ love looking up the history behind things and learning more about this time of year and how our ancestors celebrated. It really gives me such a sense of connection to something deeper.

🎃 I️ hope you found this interesting, Happy Samhain!

My Positive Mindset Routine


Let's be honest, Life can be super stressful at times. Even when you're trying to be as optimistic as you possibly can be, it can be super tough to actually feel good when the pain and upsets seem never ending.

Recently, I felt that aching feeling of sadness. My own mental health practice is a priority because I do struggle with mental health challenges that can get in the way of my consistency in my business and personal life. 

In order to stay successful and keep my mental health challenges in check, I have several routines that I follow to support my health. Running a business, being in a relationship, and trying to be there for my clients can be tough-so it's important that I maintain my routine. 

Take a look for inspiration & share YOUR routine down in the comments or over in my free group!

My Basic Positive Mindset Routine

This is the routine I follow on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis.


  • Anxious moments
  • Sadness or Depression
  • Loneliness
  • Moments of self doubt
  • Fear of Success or Failure
  • Moments of self hate



  • Prepare yourself Chamomile or St. Johns Wart Tea (NOTE: St. John's Wart is NOT suggested if you are on birth control, as it makes your birth control ineffective) OR Take CBD gummies or drops 10-25 minutes before your bath (I encourage one or the other)
  • Play Jason Stephenson's video by speaker
  • Draw yourself a warm bath 
  • Include 2-4 cups of Lavender Epsom Salt
  • Lavender Bath Bomb to promote relaxation
  • Feel free to also include Lavender Bubble Bath soap 
  • Light candles (as many as you see fit. I include 2-3)
  • Once the bath is ready, get in and soak
  • Listen to the affirmations that Jason says. You can choose to repeat after him, or simply close your eyes and allow your mind to soak in the new beliefs you are creating. 
  • If your mind starts to wander off into your "to do list", simply focus back on your breathe or focus on the affirmations themselves

I follow this routine on a weekly basis, but if I notice that I am becoming:

  • Easily irritated or snappy
  • Quick to anger
  • Judgmental of others
  • Moody
  • Negative & Dark in my thoughts

Then I know I need to do my routine, even if I did it the night before. 

Other necessary parts to my positive mindset routine are:

  • Daily Workouts in the morning or dance classes at night
  • Eating a gluten free diet (I am gluten sensitive, but I can actually eat gluten.) However, I notice that whenever I eat gluten, I not only struggle with the physical symptoms of bloating, constipation, and the works-but I'm also more depressed, moody, and even weepier. I also struggle with managing my temper whenever I've had a gluten heavy diet. 
  • Going to bed before 11pm EVERY NIGHT. Even weekends. The reason for this, is because my mental health has NO CLUE that Saturday nights are different than Tuesday nights. Whenever I don't get QUALITY sleep-not just ENOUGH mood & mental health suffers. Going to bed before 12am, means our bodies gets better sleep quality. If you go to bed after 12am, read this for more on why sleeping before 12am is important. 

So what are your mindset routines? Let me know here!




What Are Reiki Sessions With Me Like?


So let's say, you're curious about Reiki, but you have no IDEA what it is and how I work my magic.

Then let's chat about it!

Reiki sessions are a chance for you to sit back, relax, and experience a peaceful moment to yourself. It's similar to massages in that you are laying down, but with my sessions, you are fully clothed.


Your Session

  • You'll start with closing your eyes, and listening to the soft sounds of meditation music or babbling brook or whatever sounds your prefer.
  • I'll then gently guide you through a guided meditation to help you transition from the fast pace world you've been living in, to this peaceful moment of indulgence.
  • During your session, I'll move my hands from the top of your head to your feet. Shifting energy, supporting your healing, and listening to the areas of your body that need the most energetic healing. I focus a lot of attention to your Chakra's to let your body tell me, what it needs.
  • To cleanse your energy, I may lay crystals on or around you or provide relaxing oils and sprays to encourage emotional healing
  • Once your session is complete, you'll more than likely need to be woken up. lol Many of my clients find their sessions so relaxing, that they fall asleep and I don't mind.
  • After your session is done, we can do 15 minutes of talk therapy and coaching to discuss any issues that you're currently needing guidance or support on.

With my therapeutic background and years of experience, this is no average Reiki session, this is for YOUR healing, coping skills development, and growth.

I'd LOVE to book a session with you! Come on by!

I am located at
1695 N Farnsworth Ave.
Aurora, IL

Learn more about the benefits of Reiki here!

Help! I Want To Be My Own Guru!


Over the weekend, I went to see two of my favorite motivational and spiritual leaders.

✨Kyle Cease & Iyanla Vanzant✨

These two people are ✨POWER HOUSES✨ and have been a major part of my own spiritual growth and success in my personal growth AND my business.

I was expecting to leave both of the events feeling invigorated and ✨ENERGIZED✨ and I was so excited to see the after effects of these events on my heart.

But when I left the events....I just felt..."ok".

I wasn't expecting to not feel "motivated" after I left both events, but I didn't. I found myself wishing I had "more"...


✨More practicality
✨More reverence for the process
✨More depth
✨Just MORE!

However, I watched as the people around me at these events were experiencing ✨TRUE✨ transformation. Women were crying and men were pouring their hearts out....I saw each of them be activated-while I sat wondering "why am I not connecting with this as deeply?"

✨It wasn't until Monday (yesterday), while I was in my meditation that it hit me.

✨I LOVE these two leaders and so I CONSISTENTLY follow their lead when it comes to DOING THE SPIRITUAL WORK REQUIRED TO GROW.
✨I've MAINTAINED a spiritual health routine and I've CREATED my OWN unique process to keep me spiritually grounded and focused on my healing.
✨On a DAILY basis, I sit in either meditation or journaling practice or connecting with my Goddess in order to find my own Inner Voice and confidence.

However, most people around me are struggling to:

❗️Find the time to consistently practice their healing
❗️Don't know where to start to create their own spiritual health routine
❗️Feel disconnected from their Inner Voice and spiritual selves
❗️Are not confident in their OWN intuitive abilities
❗️Are confused about all the different modalities (crystals, meditation, card pulling, etc) and don't know which to try
❗️Haven't found the spiritual tools that they feel empowered by or always feel like they are "doing it wrong" or that it "doesn't work"
❗️Lack the COMMUNITY to find encouragement, direction, and support on HOW to be consistent in darker times...

And because of this, most people come to these events and it's at THESE events that they find the motivation, direction, community, clarity, and SPIRITUAL CONNECTION they have been aching for.

And I want ✨MORE✨ for people!

I want people to know that they can have THAT empowered and spiritually connected feeling ✨EVERY DAY.✨
They DO have the answers already WITHIN them - they simply need to be uncovered!
And that they do not have to wait for once or twice a year when their favorite speakers come around to find their INNER STRENGTH. You CAN feel this every day!

💕So on April 23-26th, I am running an Online Challenge.....


✨"Help! I Want To Be My Own Spiritual Guru!"✨ is a 4 day challenge that will teach you how to:

🔮Develop Your Unique Spiritual Practice
🔮Get DEEP with your Crystal Work & The Specific Combinations You Can Use to Enhance Your Spirit Work
🔮Consistently Manifest What You've INTENTIONED
🔮How To Work With the Moon On A Daily Basis
🔮How To Create Your Own Altar
🔮How To Find Your Specific Meditation Routine

You'll receive your very own ✨GUIDED JOURNALS✨ to enhance your experience in this class as well!

And you'll be apart of a ✨secret✨ (shhh!!! lol) group here on Facebook where you can connect with other WOMEN who are also just as committed to their practice as YOU are. ❤

All of this learning in ✨FOUR✨ days!

✨✨And it's only for $25!! (Not even kidding!) How EXCITING is that?! ✨✨

So if you've been LOOKING for
✨Guidance &
✨Support on HOW to create a spiritual routine that works FOR YOU!

Then message me or comment below with, "Help! I Want To Be My Own Guru!" And I'll get you in!



✨✨✨✨✨Let's go!✨✨✨✨✨

What's Coming Up in April?

March was an AMAZING month for a LOT of us!

  • Some of us got new business ideas or finally started our business!
  • Some made more money than they ever have!
  • Some finally got the clarity they needed to make some hard decisions!
  • Some even left their jobs in search for a NEW life!

It's been MAGICAL!

But on April 1st, I know a lot of my clients were complaining of feeling a bit "scattered" and "lost" and wanted to know what they could do to get back "in alignment".

The assumption is that when we don't feel at our best, we must be out of alignment and that's simply not true.

You can feel totally uncomfortable and even unhappy and STILL be in alignment.... and this month, will require a NEW level of thinking in order to gain the lessons in store for your growth and abundance.

So check out today's amazing episode on what's in store for all of us this month!

Be sure to SHARE this episode with your friends & I'll shout you out in the next episode!



Ok, so for many people-they get that I'm a coach but have NO IDEA who I am and how I help, so I wanted to give you a chance to learn a little bit about me! <3

My name is Alexandrea - but that's only when I'm trying to be formal. On a day to day basis,

I'm simply LEXIE.

I'm a Motivational Speaker who has been presenting to conferences, universities, and schools since I was 12 years old. After I received my Masters in Family Therapy, I started working in the field but found myself feeling the ITCH to pursue my entrepreneurial side.

So I began my own Coaching business where I help women who are struggling to cope with stress and anxiety. I'm not a typical coach in that I not only focus on the practical side of learning how to use techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to manage anxiety but I add the VERY spiritual side of working with energy, Moon work, and Crystal healing to help my clients find peace within their heart AND soul.

In the past, I have provided programs such as "The Goddess Tribe" but recently, I've changed my format and I now provide coaching through local group programs AND online 1:1 services that are unique to each of my clients. No programs. No 12 week commitment simply session by session of working through what's bothering YOU and how we can create daily plans for YOU to work through life's challenges while also growing into your POWERFUL Goddess self. ;)

Locally, I run the Modern Mystics right outside of Chicago where we meet for Goddess Dinners and fun spiritual events to build our connection to one another. And SOON, I'll also be providing Reiki to my Chicagoland sisters. <3 If you're not local, butyou'd still like a community of amazing and magical women to talk all things moon energy, crystal healing, etc. then come join my online space: The Lexie Wilson Online Magical Community

As a creative, I also LOVE photography. I took my first "professional" photo at 14 years old and once my mother realized it was a way to keep me motivated to behave in school AND in life, she began to support my photography hobbies by rewarding me with Photography magazine subscriptions and cameras. It was a great tactic that DEFINITELY motivated me to behave BUT it also helped those around me who were looking for an affordable photographer to capture their memories.
So NOW, I STILL provide photography sessions. So if you're in the Chicagoland area and you're looking for someone to make you look GREAT on your LinkedIn profile, your blog, or simply update your facebook profile- LET'S SCHEDULE A SHOOT!

At the end of the day, I'm a Bright and Fiery Capricorn Sun who lives out of her Leo Moon on a daily basis. I LOVE life and I LOVE my family more than anything in the world.

I'd love to support you whether as your COACH or your PHOTOGRAPHER.

Contact me if you're interested in what I do. <3

I look forward to getting to know EACH of you!

Schedule your OWN Reiki, Photography, or Intuitive Life Coaching Session Below!

Weekly Moon Reading

Moon Phases:

How To Use Your Energy This Week


Waxing Moon

During the waning moon, the energy is all about RELEASING. The Full Moon can both bring manifestations AND a lot of things to light. You may have found yourself revisiting issues you've been ignoring or people from your past may have resurfaced. The 3 days of the Full Moon can bring a LOT of intense emotion but with the waning moon, it's now time to let go of what no longer serves you so you can continue to blossom into the woman you are meant to be.

During the waning moon, you may find it easier to let go because the cosmic energy is SUPPORTING you. So it's a great time to release:

🌗- Bad Habits
- Negative Thinking
- Unhealthy Relationships
- Unnecessary Fears
- Old Patterns You Don't Like
- Resentment
 - Physical items you no longer want (time to declutter!)

Moon Signs:

The emotions/behaviors you may experience this week

Monday - Void of Course

On Monday, the Moon will be transitioning from Capricorn to Aquarius on this day. However, from 11:36am EST till 6:44pm EST, the moon will be "Void of Course". 

This basically means that the moon is moving outside of any zodiac signs, for many astrologists, they take this as a sign to avoid beginning anything since the belief that when the Moon is void of course, whatever begins now won't stick. It's up to you to decide if you believe this. 

At 6:44pm EST the Moon will transition into the zodiac sign of Aquarius.

Tuesday - Thursday Aquarius Moon

When the Moon is in Aquarius, it's a great time to focus on breaking habits and making changes to your circumstances. You may find yourself feeling a bit more rebellious than normal, like you want to go against the grain so this is the time! Embrace your desires to try new things in your business, routine, and health. 

Friday - Saturday Pisces Moon

When the Moon is in Pisces, you may find yourself feeling a bit more emotional and intuitive than normal so it's a great time to focus on your spiritual growth and development during this time. If you've been wanting to connect with your spiritual guides - try meditating this weekend because it will be easier to feel connected to your spirituality. 
It's also a great time to focus on your dreams, you may receive messages during this time while you're dreaming so I love to either sleep with the Moonstone crystal to enhance my ability to remember my dreams and I make sure my journal is near me so I can immediately write down what I've received. (A dream journal is coming VERY SOON to my Etsy store so get on my Newsletter list to know when it's released!)

I'm excited to share this with you every week, so be sure to stay in touch and know when I post by subscribing below!


Photo Apr 09, 9 39 48 AM.jpg


The day is FINALLY HERE!

I've been working closely with the Moon to help create this AMAZING Moon Manifesting Program and I am INCREDIBLY excited to FINALLY open the doors so I can share this with you!

My love for the Moon began as a child. I would regularly look up at the moon and send prayers to it. For some reason, even though my Christian upbringing taught me that the Moon held "no power", I knew better than to believe that. I knew that the Moon somehow was influential and so I continued to enjoy it's beauty.

Fast forward 20 years, and now I regularly look to it for understanding and direction on my emotions and how I can show up in the world each day. 

I've  now taken my Moon work a step further and now use it to help me manifest. I monitor it's energy so I know when to best make moves to increase my chances of manifesting the things I'm needing for my life and business. 

And now, I want to teach that to you!

If you've been curious about the process of manifesting while using Moon energy, then THIS is the class for you. 

It's a four week, directed program that allows you to work with me and other men and women to learn the process of manifesting. Each week, we will work together to help support you through the ups and downs of Moon manifesting. You'll walk away with a powerful understanding of moon energy so you can continue to intentionally attract the things you want to enhance your business and your life.




     We begin class in the New Moon energy. We will learn about the Moon phases and how to work with New Moon energy. This session will focus on setting intentions for the New Moon, Using deep meditation practices, a personalized moon journal and worksheets.


     In week two, we meet during the Waxing Moon. We will focus on increasing your intuition, identifying opportunities that the Universe is bringing to you, and identifying fears that are blocking your success


     This week is all about CELEBRATING the manifestations and addressing emotional responses that come up during this phase. We will work on identifying lessons to learn, setbacks faced, addressing self sabotage, facing challenges, and assessing intentions


    In our final week, we will learn about releasing expectations and discuss our progress and what steps we need to follow to help in our growth.


- Weekly Zoom Calls with Me & Other Students

- New Moon Manifesting Journal (Value of $34.99)

- Crystal Cocktails (Value of $99.99)

- Weekly Worksheets

- Coaching support via Facebook and email

- Private New Moon to New Moon Membership Group Access

- Lifetime Access to the program


Which means, every time this program is offered, you will be able to join your old friends and make new ones while we work together to stay motivated in our manifesting process.

Take your spiritual work to a NEW LEVEL and learn how to work with the energy of the Moon to accomplish your goals!

Feel more connected to the Universe than you ever have and build friendships that will last you a lifetime!

The REALLY cool thing about this program is it runs from NEW MOON TO NEW MOON (hence the clever name lol), which means we will be working together IN THE ENERGY of the Moon thus enhancing our experiences together. 

If you've tried to manifest before and wish you could do the process alongside a sister and brotherhood of people, then THIS IS FOR YOU. 

 I made this class for both men and women to work together in manifesting because let's be honest, sometimes manifesting what we want can feel super discouraging and difficult. But when you're working with me AND with others you can feel both validated that you're not alone AND encouraged by watching others manifest their dreams AND get directed coaching support so we can make adjustments to help you manifest. 

So if you're ready to finally feel EMPOWERED

  • Excited about your ability to attract the lifestyle you want
  • Supported by your friends AND your coach
  • AND feel READY to feel the most connected you've ever felt to the Moon... then JOIN ME!

The next New Moon is on March 17th, so our class will be on Sunday March 18th so we can revel in the New Moon energy!


You can either pay in full OR make two payments of $166.65



Sunday March 18th at 7:00pm CST/ 8pm EST

Have Questions? Email me below and we'll work something out for you!

Name *

Episode 109: What To Do When You've Achieved Success

I recently moved into a brand new home and it's easily the best home, I've ever lived in. It's a gorgeous space that immediately elevates my emotions the minute I walk in. It makes me so happy to be here, and it made me realize that I finally have "arrived". I manifested the EXACT life I want.

- I have the love of my life

- The home I love

- A successful business

- And a newfound awareness and confidence

- And I'm deeply happy!

All of that sounds sooo good BUT it hit me, that I've always lived a life where I was STRIVING for this level of happiness. Now that I have it, there is a temptation to sabotage it by thinking "well when is shit really gonna hit the fan?"

Can you relate?

Have you ever had sooo many good things happen to you or you finally reach the success you want, only to find yourself worrying about things following apart and losing all of the good things you've manifested? If so, then take a listen to today's episode.


- How to handle when your friends are negative or unhappy for you when you're going through great things

- How to deal with waiting for "the other shoe to drop"

- How to identify when people or your job is keeping you small or holding you back

- What to do if your present situation (ex your job) does NOT match you anymore BUT you can't leave it yet.

 Get Your FREE New Moon Manifesting Journal!

New Moon Meditation Journal (FREE)


I LOVE creating new items for people to use on their spiritual journey.

When I first left church, I wasn't exactly sure what to do. I didn't know where to go, who to talk to, or what to follow to maintain my spiritual health. I just knew that I didn't want to lose my spirituality.

So I started to follow whatever made my heart come alive.

I remembered the things I felt called to when I was a kid.... I loved the moon and the stars. I love learning about astrology and nature and my research took me to nature based spirituality. I had a lot of fear around exploring my new faith because I had been taught that much of what felt natural to me was "Sinful" but I continued to push forward... trusting that my intuition wouldn't guide me in the wrong direction.

Along the way, I created processes to help me overcome my fears.

Journaling was a major part of my journey and so now I've created several journals that will help you to explore your own faith.

This New Moon journal combines the power of journaling WITH the power of manifesting with the Moon.

The Moon is a wonderful tool to help us connect with nature and our true powerful selves. I bet you thought that you were JUST a human being with no magical powers…. Well guess what? It’s not true! You’re more than just human – you’re a spiritual being having a human experience!

The best way for you to learn just how powerful you are, is by learning how you can manifest things into your life.

So send me your email below and I'll send you your copy of your FREE New Moon Manifesting Journal!

NOTE: Technology can sometimes act wonky - even when it's not Mercury Retrograde. lol So be sure to check your spam folders if you don't receive your copy. Contact me at lexiewilson31 (at) gmail (dot) com if you run into any issues.

Cleansing Your Personal Energy



I'm not talking about bathing, I'm talking about energetically cleansing our homes, crystals, bodies, and energy.

Cleansing is JUST as important as working with energy because without wiping the slate clean, we will continue to carry around energy that does not serve us.

When we carry old energy with us, it can:

✨Interfere with our intuition (our readings, our creativity, and however you use your intuition)


✨Cloud our judgment and contribute to choices we regret


✨Make us feel physically tired or even cause sickness (whether it's something as small as a cold or as large as a disease)


And there are tons more ways it can affect us.

So if you've been feeling foggy in your mind, endeavors, and work.... then take some time to cleanse yourself.


Here are a few ways you can do that:


✨ Sage your home, cards, crystals, body

✨Put your crystals under the moon light. The best times are at Full & New Moons for the most energy

✨Envision yourself engulfed in green or white light for healing and cleansing energy


✨Distance yourself from those who drain your energy or don't honor your boundaries

✨Listen to your intuitive voice about certain friendships or people. Never ignore what your gut is telling you

✨Have a sound bath (locally or online)

✨Schedule a reiki session

✨Exercise to move energy through your body

✨Practice EFT (youtube "EFT Brad" for examples and scripts)


✨Take a break from high sugar foods

✨Wear crystals like Amethyst, Rose Quartz, or Amber

✨Put lemons in a fruit bowl to release negative energy in your home

✨Soak in an Epsom Salt bath

✨Burn a lemon peel with myrrh and sage to cleanse your spirit


There are tons more ways to cleanse your energy, what ways do you like to use? Let me know in the comments!

Episode 107: Being Yourself


I have a bit of a confession to make....

I struggle with being totally authentic....more often than I want to admit. The reason why this is a big deal is because most people see me as super confident and sure of myself. Someone who wouldn't struggle with being true to myself at all.

However, this is totally not true. My best friends and boyfriend really know this about me. I frequently struggle with self doubt and insecurity and it makes life really tough. Because when you struggle with self doubt, you fail to make certain choices. You live in fear of your own self and in constant regret of any decision you've made. You're constantly looking for validation and acceptance from anyone who will give it to you. Friends, parents, your community, your church.... which may not wish you harm but it also means that you're sensitive to the opinions of those who do not wish you well. You're easily affected by enemies, frenemies, and entities like the media who don't know you well enough to actually care about what's best for you.

This is why I'm so passionate about teaching people how to completely love themselves and trust their inner voice so they won't find themselves doing things they don't believe in just so they can be accepted.

I know first hand though, that this takes a lot of work. The reason being is that you can be strong in trusting yourself today and then someone triggers your self doubt tomorrow and all of your hard work seems to unravel.

This is why, I made today's episode on my podcast. It's all about addressing the issue of being yourself. Which sounds really easy but is a lot harder than it sounds.

If you find this to be helpful, won't you please show support by sharing this episode so we can help empower as many brothers and sisters as we can! <3

Weekly Moon Reading February 19-24th


One of my favorite things about working with Nature is my work with the moon. I regularly look to the stars to help me figure out how to best use my energy throughout the week AND what I can expect from others.

The moon is constantly moving through various Zodiac signs (like Capricorn or Aquarius) and that can influence our mood AND our behaviors and it also rotates through 8 different phases that make it easier for us to call things into our lives based on the energy that the moon is giving out.

Have you ever noticed how people are a little more "crazy" or "intense" during Full Moons? That's because during the Full Moon, the moon causes us to feel things a bit more intensly and the emotions we've been trying to hide...start to bubble up during that time. When you know that, it makes it easier to prep yourself emotionally for that time of the month AND once you really know how to work with that kind of energy, you can take advantage of it by scheduling things around the moon so you're ready! <3

Each week, I've been sharing over on my instagram stories, readings for what you can expect from the moon energy. If you're not already following me on Instagram, click here to follow!

Moon Phases:

How To Use Your Energy This Week

Mon - Wednesday

Waxing Crescent Moon

This is a fantastic time to focus on exploring any ideas or dreams that come to you right now. If you made wishes on the New Moon, it's a fantastic time to start to dream up more how you can make those dreams come true. For example, if you've been dreaming of finding a new home...this is a great time to list out how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want, what the neighborhood would be like, the color of the house, what you want in the backyard, etc. Visualize your future and get as detailed as you'd like.

Scripting is one of my favorite ways to manifest. Scripting is when I write a journal entry as if what I want has already happened. So using the home example, I would write an entry in my journal and date it for the day AFTER I moved into my new home and then I would talk about what my house looks like and how it's made me feel. The key here is to get as detailed as you want and to really feel like it's happened. Feel the relief of finding a new home and feel the joy of finding a home right on time. <3 Really use your imagination this week

Thurs - Saturday

First Quarter Moon

Now it's time for ACTION! So take those ideas that were coming to your head in the first few days this week and start to listen for inspiration on what actions you need to take. Using the home example, this would be the best time to call up on the realtor for the house you want.
Review your New Moon wish list (if you made one) and start to decide if you still feel just as excited and motivated to follow through with those wishes as you did when you wrote them down.
If you don't, it's ok to not pursue them. Don't stick with things you no longer feel fully committed to, because often times when we do that we are forcing the energy and that rarely works out in our favor. Going with the flow makes manifesting a lot easier.

Of course, this does not mean that you can ignore responsibilities. You still have to do things like pay rent, clean your home, and pick up your brother; if you said you
When I'm talking about releasing yourself from things you no longer feel excited to do-I'm talking about intuitive things you've been considering or things you've been desiring.

You may notice that challenges and self doubt start to rise during the First Quarter. Don't take that as a sign that you must give up. The Universe often tests us to see if we REALLY want what we want. Use these test to either gain clarity on if you want your wishes fulfilled OR if you realize that it's not worth it-then you have your answer.

Continue to practice scripting and visualizing the dreams you've chosen to pursue and are asking the Universe to help you manifest.

Moon Signs:

The emotions/behaviors you may experience this week

Mon - Tuesday

Aries Moon

People may be argumentative, assertive, and passionate around this time. Be mindful of your temper and your attitude around others. People may struggle to be patient around this time, so notice your patience level and try to be kind. Take care of yourself by practicing a lot of self care.

This is a great time to use your passionate energy to visualize what you want your dreams to manifest into.

Wed - Thursday

Taurus Moon

This is a great time to take it easy and relax. If you've been feeling the passionate energy of the Aries Moon earlier this week, this is a great time to focus on practicing some heavy self care.
Focus on eating comforting and healthy foods but be mindful of overindulging/overeating since around this time-we tend to overindulge.

Embrace your sensuality and love your physical body. Appreciate your round tummy, thick thighs, small booty, large breasts...whatever you have. <3 A great tool is to do mirror work this week and look at your body and say one thing you love about different parts of your body. Really shower your body with love. Take a slow shower or bath and wear clothes and scents that make you feel really sexy and confident.

Abundance comes easily during this time, so it's a great time to spend time focusing on those New Moon wishes and coming up with action steps you can take to manifest your dreams. Listen to your heart for new action steps that come up because an abundance of ideas may start to arrive. Write them down and then choose which ideas seem like the best approach.

Avoid judging yourself during this time, and spend a considerable amount of time LOVING YOURSELF so you can manifest faster. Do things you love, like working out or catching up with friends.

Fri - Saturday

Gemini Moon

Gemini Moons tend to be a really great time to socialize and reconnect with friends and family. So if it's been awhile since you've seen your friends-maybe go to brunch this weekend or have a girl's night at your house. Are you friends online? Schedule a Zoom chat and catch up that way!

If you have any networking events, this is a great time to meet up and share your new ideas with those you trust. Those New Moon wishes you're working on, tell the people you care about and ask for their support or help. Brainstorm approaches you can take to help you reach your goals and move you forward.

I'm excited to share this with you every week, so be sure to stay in touch and know when I post by subscribing below!

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Panthers, Youtube, Oh My!

Whew! Another week has FLOWN by and this week, there was a TON of things I've loved! Here are a few of my faves from this week!

Black Panther

This was literally the BEST Marvel movie released! I totally enjoyed the story and the acting! I even found myself randomly crying during it because I couldn't believe what I was seeing on the screen!

I saw it opening night and I already intend to see it again on Sunday night! If you've seen it- let me know your thoughts in the comments!

John on Ellen

(this was the SINGLE BEST SET UP EVER on Ellen!)

Black Panther Album

I'm not the biggest Kendrick fan-which tells you how much I love this album!

Isabel Palacios

I love Isabel because of how wise she is and this video REALLY touched me. ESPECIALLY when she encourages us to stick with our passions NO MATTER WHAT. If you've been feeling discouraged or lost about your future.... check out her video. Let me know your thoughts down below!

What are your faves from this week? Let me know down below!!

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Episode 105: Dealing with Mismatched Energy


In my latest episode of The Lexie Wilson podcast, I talk about how to deal with ending friendships that you no longer feel attached to.

I was inspired by the issue that's happening between Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker, the two lead actresses from the famous TV show Sex and the City.

Sarah Jessica claims they were friends and Kim claims they were not and she feels hounded by Sarah Jessica instead of supported.

So this led me to ask the question, "How do you end friendships when you DON'T want to stay connected to someone" OR "How do you deal with a friendship when it doesn't feel like that TO YOU but it feels like that to someone else?"

So we'll talk all about boundaries

- How to stand up for yourself &

- How to walk away from it all.

PLUS I'll talk about "Ghosting" and answer the question.... "is it really all that bad?"

So take a listen here!

Starting Your Own Podcast

I've had a few of my friends contact me wanting to know how to get started on their own podcast and I'd LOVE to share my knowledge.

The Lexie Wilson Podcast.png

I've had the pleasure of using both Macs and Windows so I'm pretty familiar with both, however, because I am currently using Windows-most of my instructions will focus on that.

However, I will include my favorite videos and posts that helped me to learn, so I hope this helps you!

**Be sure to share this post with your friends who are also interested in learning how to podcast!**

Recording Platform

WINDOWS: Currently, I rely on Audacity. I simply click on the red dot that indicates it is recording and I start speaking. I downloaded Audacity from here. It is FREE to download onto your computer and it makes easy for you to record your actual show.

You can edit and add music and things using this program as well, I just haven't figured this part out yet, so I don't feel comfortable trying to share how to do that yet. However, I will update this once I learn.

MAC: On Mac, you can simply open up "Garageband" and then click on "podcast" or "speaker" and it will allow you to record. You can add music, jingles, even commercials once you're familiar with the program. See the video below for more help.


WINDOWS: Once you are done with your show, you will want to "Export" your show. For me, that means I click on "File" at the top of the Audacity Program and then I SCROLL DOWN to export and then I click on "Export as WAV".

This allows the episode to download directly to my desktop (or wherever I want to save the file.


You'll want to be sure that you save the file in a format that is compatible with wherever you will upload your show. (see next step for further explanation)

MAC: At the moment, because I don't use my Mac to record podcasts, my info may be a bit dated. However, I believe you can simply click on "Share" in the info bar of the program and then scroll down to "Export Podcast". Save it as an MP3 or whatever format works and then click "Export"

Uploading to a Host Site

I use to upload my podcasts. This site works as a place to keep my files so iTunes can then recognize my podcasts.

Soundcloud allows you to hold a certain amount of space for free but if you want a long term, podcast, you'll have to upgrade to a monthly plan. My plan is $15.00 and totally worth it. Podcasts are totally free with this ONE exception so I urge you to invest in your show (if you really want to commit to podcasting) and check out Soundcloud. Simply visit the site, create a profile, and then click "upload" (located at the top of your screen) to add your show.

Once you click "upload", it's easy to follow along. Just add in your episode and include any information that you would like your viewers to see (i.e. any videos, tips, websites you mentioned, your social media, etc.)

Submitting to iTunes

Now this is the final step to adding your podcast so it shows up on iTunes. This step is easy but it takes time for it to finalize (iTunes took about 2 days to show my show on the app), so be patient and simply follow these steps.

Be sure that your photo is exactly the size it needs to be. I had to submit my photo several times because my photo was too big. You can use sites like or or whatever photo resizing sites you like to use to get your photo to the correct size.

And YOU'RE DONE! You made it!

This may seem a bit complicated, but I can assure you-it's not. It will simply take your time. If you have any questions, please leave them below or reach out to me on Twitter or Instagram!

And don't forget to check out my podcast! You can always subscribe on iTunes to stay updated for my weekly show!

The Secret Sauce To Long Hair

For really long hair, you have to develop a healthy routine and if your hair is more on the dry side... (like ethnic hair or Black hair) then creating a moisturizing routine is a requirement.

For me, the LCO method has been the most effective way for me to experience length.

L.O.C. stands for: Liquid, Cream, & Oil

When your hair is naturally dry, it doesn't mean it's ugly or bad. It simply means that because of our hair type, the oil from our scalp does not travel all the way down our hair shaft. So following this method allows us to add moisture to our hair and by sealing the moisture in with the oil, it helps to retain it. I am able to do this routine every 2-3 days before I notice my hair starting to become dry again. So you can choose how often you want to do this to your hair based on how dry your hair feels.


For my liquid,

I use Carol's Daughter "Green Supreme". I love this product because it's water based and it's in liquid form. When my hair is straightened, adding just water can make my curls come back-ruining my straight style. So to avoid that, I like to use Green Supreme leave in which includes a few other ingredients that have proven to be great for adding strength to my hair. Since adding this to my routine, I have experienced less breakage as well.


For my cream,

I use the Elastic QP Mango Butter and Olive Oil Leave in. I love to use heavy creams because my hair is very thick and needs a leave in that has "body" to it. If your hair is lighter, then you may want to avoid the cream since it does weigh your hair down. However, I have fallen in love with this product. It smells alright AND has a few other ingredients that add strength and moisture to my hair as well.




And for my oil,

I recently fell in love with Mielle Organic's Mint Almond Oil. This stuff is SO worth the money! You can find it at Target for around $13.00 and I like to apply it to my hair soon after using my cream. The oil acts as a sealant, and keeps in the moisture from the cream and the liquid leave in and it helps to give your hair that shine, curl definition, and glossy look we all want. 


Like, I said, I do this every 2-3 days,

but if I notice that my hair starts to break more when I run my hands through my hair or if it simply feels dry....then I do this routine again even if I just did it the night before.

I simply take sections of my hair (usually just two sections....the right side and the left side) and then I simply spray the leave in....and rub that into my hair. Then I add the cream and rub that in and then add the oil and rub that in. It's simple to do.

What are your favorite moisturizers? Let me know in the comments below! I'd love to know what you use so I can try it out too!

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February Friday Favorites

It's FRIDAY and that means that I get to share with you the things that I'm loving! This week, I found a LOT to love in both beauty AND on TV, so take a look below and then be sure to tell me what you love too!


L'oreal Voluminous Mascara

I just started using this mascara this week, and I LOVE it! The formula is SO smooth and the "Blackest Black" mascara is incredibly dark and makes your eyes just pop!
I also love that it's not hard to take off. I've tried other mascara's where, even though they were not waterproof, they were still a PAIN to take off at the end of the day. The thing about it is, you don't want to have to pull and tug at the area's around your eyes since it's such a sensitive area so I like my mascara's to be dark BUT not so heavy that I can't remove them. So be sure to check out this mascara in the future!


Mielle Organics Mint Almond Oil

I love using oil for my dry scalp and my hair routine. Recently, I wanted to try a new product and I found this at Target and I LOVE it! This smells SO delicious! Even my boyfriend has been loving and smelling my hair! I've been following the LCO Method, which you can check it out by clicking on the link!


Elastic QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Leave In

I believe I've shared how awesome this is before, BUT I have to share it again because it's SO fantastic! This leave in keeps my hair nice and moisturized. The creamy texture allows it to really seep into my thick hair and with the method I use, I've noticed my hair experiencing less breakage by using this leave in so I definitely recommend it! I got mine at Walgreens, so check there! (If you can't find it, you can always try Amazon Prime as well).


Carol's Daughter The Green Supreme Leave In Conditioner

Do you see a pattern? I LOVE Leave In's! haha The reason being, is that my hair is naturally VERY dry and so I have to make a concerted effort to keep my hair moisturized. Moisturized hair is stronger, won't break, and is healthier so it's important to me that I follow a strict routine. Check out how I use my favorite new leave in here.


If you're not familiar with this amazing technique, then you're missing out! I love to listen to ASMR videos while I'm working, relaxing, or even heading to sleep. I have several that I rely on for different things. There are some ASMR videos meant for when you need comforting, some for when you're having a panic attack, and some to even help you meditate.

This week, one of my favorite ASMRtists (a play on the words ASMR and artist) released this video and it REALLY relaxed me. I tend to react to both visual and audio cues, what about you? Let me know in the comments!
TIP: The best way to get the effects is to wear headphones while listening

Find out more about ASMR here

Rihanna's Wild Thoughts Look

Rihanna dancing at the Grammy's 2018 was EVERYTHING! I'm not a fan of the song #WildThoughts by #DjKhaled and I can't say that I loved the audio of this performance BUUUTTT Rihanna dancing for her life and just having the best time WAS EVERYTHING! I was ready to start my week after watching her sway her hips and move her body.

I also am completely and totally in love with her weight gain. Our society tends to focus a lot on weight loss and we often congratulate women for losing weight-even if it's not healthy. Well, I'm going to mention the obvious and say that Rih Rih has gained weight and I am TOTALLY in love with it! She looks like a Goddess, a powerful woman and I am absolutely HERE for it! Then seeing her move her body like a Queen at this performance was just EVERYTHING! <3

What are your favorites? Let me know down below!

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