How I Keep A Positive Mindset


Let's be honest, Life can be super stressful at times. Even when you're trying to be as optimistic as you possibly can be, it can be super tough to actually feel good when the pain and upsets seem never ending.

Recently, I felt that aching feeling of sadness. My own mental health practice is a priority because I do struggle with mental health challenges that can get in the way of my consistency in my business and personal life. 

In order to stay successful and keep my mental health challenges in check, I have several routines that I follow to support my health. Running a business, being in a relationship, and trying to be there for my clients can be tough-so it's important that I maintain my routine. 

Take a look for inspiration & share YOUR routine down in the comments!

My Basic Positive Mindset Routine

This is the routine I follow on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis.


  • Anxious moments

  • Sadness or Depression

  • Loneliness

  • Moments of self doubt

  • Fear of Success or Failure

  • Moments of self hate



  • Prepare yourself Chamomile or St. Johns Wart Tea (NOTE: St. John's Wart is NOT suggested if you are on birth control, as it makes your birth control ineffective) OR Take CBD gummies or drops 10-25 minutes before your bath (I encourage one or the other)

  • Play Jason Stephenson's video by speaker

  • Draw yourself a warm bath 

  • Include 2-4 cups of Lavender Epsom Salt

  • Lavender Bath Bomb to promote relaxation

  • Feel free to also include Lavender Bubble Bath soap 

  • Light candles (as many as you see fit. I include 2-3)

  • Once the bath is ready, get in and soak

  • Listen to the affirmations that Jason says. You can choose to repeat after him, or simply close your eyes and allow your mind to soak in the new beliefs you are creating. 

  • If your mind starts to wander off into your "to do list", simply focus back on your breathe or focus on the affirmations themselves

I follow this routine on a weekly basis, but if I notice that I am becoming:

  • Easily irritated or snappy

  • Quick to anger

  • Judgmental of others

  • Moody

  • Negative & Dark in my thoughts

Then I know I need to do my routine, even if I did it the night before. 

Other necessary parts to my positive mindset routine are:

  • Daily Workouts in the morning or dance classes at night

  • Eating a gluten free diet (I am gluten sensitive, but I can actually eat gluten.) However, I notice that whenever I eat gluten, I not only struggle with the physical symptoms of bloating, constipation, and the works-but I'm also more depressed, moody, and even weepier. I also struggle with managing my temper whenever I've had a gluten heavy diet. 

  • Going to bed before 11pm EVERY NIGHT. Even weekends. The reason for this, is because my mental health has NO CLUE that Saturday nights are different than Tuesday nights. Whenever I don't get QUALITY sleep-not just ENOUGH mood & mental health suffers. Going to bed before 12am, means our bodies gets better sleep quality. If you go to bed after 12am, read this for more on why sleeping before 12am is important. 

So what are your mindset routines? Let me know below!