Hurricane Dorian Relief for the Bahamas

If you don’t know, Hurricane Dorian was absolutely horrific for the Bahamas. The Bahamas is made up over 700 islands - not just the capital - Nassau (which most people are familiar with).


This September 2019, Hurricane Dorian sat over the islands of Abaco and Grand Bahamas for 2 days - completely destroying the islands. Over 13,000 people are without homes. So many have lost their life due to the overwhelming waters and so many people have still not be found.

This is incredibly important to me because (1) I’m a former social worker, working with people who are in severe need has always been a passion of mine and (2) Although I am not Bahamian, soooo many of the people I love (including my boyfriend) call these beautiful islands home. For that reason, I feel as if my home was ravaged by this hurricane and I want to do all I can to use my platform to help these families.

If you’re also concerned, I want to encourage you to do a few things to help.

There are SO MANY WAYS that you can provide service - not just with your wallet.

  1. You can “like” and “follow” the websites and social media accounts below. This will allow you to easily stay updated on their needs AND will allow you to easily

  2. SHARE their posts. This costs you nothing - but means the world to them! We all have social media, do not underestimate the power of it. Your “share” button could mean that someone else on your timeline may have the money to help these organizations provide for others.

  3. Donate even $5.00! Do NOT underestimate your dollar. I used to work as a social worker for children in foster care. There was one instance where one of my kids on my caseload did not even have $5 for lunch. Someone donated $5 for his lunch and that meant he could eat. THAT’S how important $5 is. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE YOUR DOLLAR. Share WHATEVER you can.

So I’ve compiled a list of places you can easily donate to - please check each of these places out and choose the organizations that you feel led to support. <3

Human Society of Grand Bahama

This is the Humane Society of Grand Bahama. They rescue the pets and animals in the Freeport area. They had a particularly scary situation since at one point, one of the staff members stayed behind with the animals and was trapped/stranded in the office for over 24 hours. They were able to rescue most of the pets. As of September 5, they will be able to airlift the animals to the US for safety. I am positive many of the pets are suffering with PTSD and will need love, support, alongside their physical needs. Pets can experience depression, anxiety, abandonment, and fear - just like humans. If pets are close to your heart (like they are to mine); please consider donating money to this organization. You can also follow their updates on Facebook here.

Click the picture to donate directly to the gofundme.




This is an incredibly EASY way to help. You already use Amazon Prime, so instead of shopping just for you and your family - choose a few items (or just one if that’s all you can afford right now) and ship the items to the addresses provided below - instead of to your house. It makes everything incredibly easy. The items will show up at the consulate you send it to; where they will know where and how to get each of the bought items to those affected by the Hurricane.


This amazing organization provides services for those who need shelter. Right now, they are combining their efforts to help the people of Abaco and Grand Bahama since 13,000 are without shelter. You can either drop off items at this location OR you can send a donation to the link (click on the photo). Again, even $5 is better than nothing!



If you are close to any of these locations, you can also directly drop off necessary items at the various consulates.

I am currently waiting for the Chicago Consulate to make it available if they will have the ability to collect items. As of September 5, they are unable to collect items. However, they are accepting financial donations and will be sure to send it directly where it’s needed. I will keep you updated, Chicago, on how you can help locally.



Choose any of the locations closest to you and

drop off items here.


Head Knowles

A little background info; what started out as a small group of people on the Facebook page HeadKnowles, founded by Lia Head and Gina Knowles, has now become a movement fueled by people eager to give back.

They have managed over $2M in relief funds Hurricane Joaquin relief in 2015. They established a committed group of volunteers who worked tirelessly to assist those devastated during Hurricane Matthew for Ragged Island, North Andros, Grand Bahama and New Providence. They have managed over $4mil to date.

Click on the link to donate



Not sure what to send? Review this list. Pick a few (or just one) items and then send them to the addresses listed above.

Bookmark this page because I will continue to update this page with various organizations you can directly support. It just takes me time to find the various organizations that need us. In the future, I will share pregnancy centers, women’s shelters, other animal shelters, etc. So stay in touch.

If you cannot donate - please share this page on your social media. Every repost can mean help for the beautiful people of the Bahamas. <3