How to Stop Deodorant Rashes


I remember it like I was it was yesterday. After a long day of playing with my friends outside on the playground, my father and step mother said “whew! Lexie!!! You smell! Do you have any deodorant?”


I had no clue what deodorant was at that time, I was 10 years old. And back in the 90’s, no one cared about “clean beauty”, so I wore all kinds of deodorant with no regards to the health or safety of the ingredients. You wore whatever you found for a good price at the drug store and that was it and I was fine with that.

However, when I hit my 30’s, my body started changing. All of sudden, I started feeling itchy and getting burns under my arms from my deodorant. I switched to every deodorant that I could find but nothing worked. For 2 years (and two VERY embarrassing summers of keeping my arms down at ALL costs!), I struggled with trying to find a deodorant that wouldn’t cause me to break out in a rash.

I had even tried “clean” deodorants and I still had bad reactions to them. So I started to do my research on what was causing these problems.

In a lot of the studies I found, aluminum seems to be a main culprit in causing abnormal reactions in people. Here are some things I found out:

  • Some studies show high exposure to aluminum may develop Alzheimer's in some people

  • People with kidney disease may struggle to eliminate it causing buildup within the body. And that excess can contribute to bone or brain diseases

  • Long term use can create adverse reactions (which I had been using deodorant with aluminum in it since I was 10 - so that’s at least 20 years of use)

  • Young babies (sadly animals) who were birthed to animals who were exposed to large amounts of aluminum seemed to struggle with memory loss and they moved less. (I don’t support testing on animals, so I try to now use products that are cruelty free. However, this is horrible to know)

  • We can’t entirely avoid aluminum seeing as it is in nearly everything! Cosmetics, food, stainless steel, etc. BUT limiting our exposure can help a lot.

So after seeing all of that, I knew that I couldn’t risk trying anymore “regular” deodorant and that I needed to invest in clean products for my under arms. My arms were already showing me that they were sensitive and they wanted and needed something different, and then these studies only further validated that I needed to make a change.


Well on my recent trip to Disneyworld, I found this amazing dedorant that I’ve been obsessed with now for weeks! While walking around Epcot, Jason (my boyfriend) and I ran into a kiosk that had natural products. I’m a sucker for some clean beauty products, so I was so excited to have found this mini store.

The employees were so nice and helpful and they showed me their natural bug spray, essential oil roll ons, and even shower bombs ( which are like bath bombs but for showers! I love it!)

Then I saw their holy grail, their deodorant and let me tell you! WOOOOW! It smells AMAZING! I immediately about it and then tried it on and my word! It was amazing! It smells like sweet lemons and it’s strong! I couldn’t smell any body odor or anything! I wore it all day in the HOT Florida sun and I STILL smelled pretty good by the end of the day! I literally would lift my arms up, JUST to smell! lol I’m not kidding - this stuff is amazing!

I found out that they have an online store and so I recommend that you visit their site and purchase their stuff. Their shower bombs are also great, they have different scents to help with different moods too. If you want to feel energized or relaxed, they have something for everything!

But I definitely recommend their deodorant. I have been wearing it now for 2 weeks and I have had no irritation, burns, or itching. Plus, my arms smell great AND it feels good to know that all of the ingredients are clean and something that would be safe enough for me to eat. (Not that I can eat the deodorant, I’m sure it would upset your stomach - so don’t do that.)

However, I highly recommend this product! If you try it, let me know!

Have you tried any clean deodorants? If so, what do you use? I’d love to know so I can add to my collection!