Tips for Your Next Disneyworld Trip!

I LOVE to Travel!


But one of my FAVORITE places to travel, has to be Disneyworld. This place is what the world WOULD be like, if people were nicer. The cast is always so happy and pleasant (which I don’t know HOW they can be that happy ALL the time!) and people tend to be really courteous! I mean, we’ve all paid a lot of money to have a good time - so it only makes sense. <3

Now, I went to Disney a lot as a child but I don’t really count those visits because I was under 5 and barely remembered those times. So I consider my 31st birthday to REALLY be my first visit and I learned a LOT from that visit. I didn’t understand Fastpasses or “Magic Hours” or “Disneybounding” but I still had a great time!

But over the year, I learned a lot about how to make Disney trips even more fun - and so my second visit for my 33rd birthday - I was PREPARED! So here are a few tips that made my trip so much more fun!

    Fastpasses allow you to get on rides before everyone else. Lines for certain rides can have a wait time of upwards of 3 hours for some of the most popular rides (like Test Track at Epcot or Safari at Animal Kingdom). Since I’m sure you don’t want to be waiting that long in the hot sun, then get a fastpass. You can get your fastpasses via the Disneyworld app. Don’t assume this isn’t important, because unless you don’t care to ride on some of the most popular rides OR don’t mind waiting in 80 degree heat for hours - you will miss out on rides if you don’t get these fastpasses early.

    Each park will allow you to get up to 3 fastpasses at one time. You can’t get more than that UNTIL you use up ALL of your fastpasses. Once you do that, then you can get a 4th fastpass. And once you finish that, you can get a 5th one. You just have to get them one at a time. You can only get fastpasses at one park a day. However, once you finish your fastpasses (if you have the ability to park hop, which is a separate purchase unless you have an annual passholder ticket), you can get fastpasses at another park.

    This may seem pointless if you don’t live in Florida, BUT the prices come out to be around the same. If you plan to visit more than twice or if you’ll be there for more than 4 days. It’s just becoming a passholder has a ton more perks. For example, you’re able to get 20% off your purchases at the stores and restaurants (which is really nice!), plus they have festivals year round that you’ll be able to go in for free too since you already paid for it. You also get faster entry into the park since you’ll have your own security line, you can get 10% discounts on rental cars, events, childcare, etc. You also get early access into the parks sometimes as well.
    I’ll do a blog post in the future on the other perks!

  4. USE SOUTHWEST LOW FARE FINDER. Ok, this is a secret that you can use for more than just Disney - but it’s a major key to saving money on Disney trips. Disney tickets are expensive enough, and so are the hotels, so save money but using the low fare finder, because then you can plan to travel when you’ll save the most money on airfare.

  5. BE HAPPY! CELEBRATE! This may seem weird BUT your happiness is currency here at Disneyworld! For example, if you’re celebrating a birthday, let the ladies at the front gate know. They’ll give you a birthday pin and THAT let’s the other Disney staff know to say “Happy Birthday!” to you AND you may get free things like Mickey Mouse ice cream or pretzels! But also, just being super kind and grateful can get you free things too! On several occassions, I’ve gotten free things - JUST because they liked how nice and excited I was!

  6. TRAVEL DURING OFF SEASON. Ok, so I don’t always take my own advice here because I typically go to Disney for my birthday (which is New Years Eve) but I will tell you - it is BEYOND packed during Thanksgiving, Christmas into New Years, and both April and May can be packed for Spring Breakers. The best times to go to Disney are September/Fall since the weather has cooled down AND the kids are all back in school.

  7. BRING YOUR OWN WATER BOTTLE. Unlike many other parks, Disney will allow you to bring in food. Water is NECESSARY since it’s so hot. But water bottles are $4 and more! So you can always bring your own water and refill it at the water fountains (free), if you’re looking to save money.

  8. EAT AT ODD TIMES. This will save you a ton of headaches. Instead of eating lunch at 12 or 1pm, go for 11am or 2pm. The lines will be significantly less trouble.

  9. STAY LATE. Or come early. Midday is when everyone and their mama comes to the park. So either comes as soon as the gate opens or stay until closing, this way you’ll have less wait times on the lines and the park won’t be so crowded.

  10. SPEND NEW YEARS EVE AT HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS. I may regret giving out my secret, BUT this could help someone have a great time. Ok, so I LOVE Magic Kingdom and on my birthday - it’s the BEST! They do an extra special New Years Eve countdown and the fireworks are just amazing!

    However, it’s also sooo packed that you literally can’t move an ELBOW without jabbing someone. And leaving? Well that took us 2 hours one time JUST to get from the castle out to our cars. They even had to close the park one New Years Eve because they were at capacity! And I’m telling you, it’s not fun. It’s simply TOO many people. So I actually go to Hollywood studios and they still have a pretty awesome fireworks show and countdown, plus they have Club Mickey Mouse type dance parties for families with fantastic music from the 80’s, 90’s, and beyond. It’s a great place to be that most people don’t go to on NYE, so you’ll have a ton more fun!

  11. LOOK FOR EPCOT FESTIVALS Don’t be fooled! Some people think, if you’ve been to Disney once - that’s all you need. That’s not true. Disney is always adding new rides and changing up the shows. There are the staples that have been there since before I was born, but there are also a ton of awesome new additions. Epcot, for example, holds various festivals throughout the year. They offer different foods, themes, activities, and shows based on the festival at that time. For example, Flower Garden festival has awesome flower arrangements of our favorite Disney characters. However, at Christmas they show us Christmas all around the world and so you can learn how all different cultures celebrate the holidays. It’s a lot of fun!

  12. TRY DISNEY BOUNDING. Now if you look at my photos (or this gallery if you’d like to see more pics from my visits!), you can see that I started dressing up for my visits. I always put my spin on it, so I’ve went to Disney as the 1950’s Belle and the 1950’s Cinderella. When I took my pictures with Cinderella, she even recognized that I was dressed up like her and I loved it! It made my trip THAT much more fun! PLUS, I got sooo many compliments from kids and adults! So have fun with it! Disney bounding is simply dressing up like your favorite characters. It started because adults are not allowed to dress exactly like a Disney character. This is for the safety of the children. So instead, adults started making their own twists on their favorites and so that’s Disneybounding! Check out my Pinterest for Disney bound outfit ideas!

Do YOU have any tips? Please let me know below! I’m always trying to find new ways to make my Disney trips more magical and I’d love to hear what you know!

When’s your next Disney trip? Share below!

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