How to Be Positive When You Hate Your Job


A lot of us spend over 40+ hours working at jobs we don’t like. Which means that’s a LOT of time that we spend feeling miserable, unappreciated, and in a negative head space.

Now I don’t know about you, but life has taught me, that whatever you focus on - the more you’ll receive it. So if I’m in a negative mindset, I find that I find more things to be negative about AND the less things seem to work out for me.

If you know that to be true for you too, then it’s important that you do whatever you can to feel happy or just good, so you’ll attract more of it. So here are a few ways that I’ve managed to stay in a good headspace when I worked at jobs I hated.

  • Practice Gratitude. Doing this every morning and at night can really mean the difference between feeling depressed or hopeful. So list out the things that you’re grateful for and really breathe into this. Don’t just write, “I’m grateful for my car” but not feel it. Instead, write it down and then really FEEL the gratitude for it. You’ll remember how blessed you are.

  • Shift your Perspective. Sometimes the bad things in our life are actually allowing us to grow in a way that we wouldn’t if we weren’t dealing with that issue. It doesn’t feel good, but it’s often during difficult moments that we start to become stronger as people. So how is this awful job making you better? What is it teaching you? Is it giving you clarity on what type of job you really want? Is it giving you a chance to learn a new skill? You never know how all of this will work out.

  • Take Responsibility. I mean this in two different ways. (1) Maybe you’re feeling underutilized at your job, offer to take on a project or ask your boss for more responsibility. I enjoy being in charge and working with a team so when I don’t have responsibility at my job or I can’t be a “leader”, I feel unhappy. So leading a team is actually something that lifts my mood. If you often enjoy teaching, leading others, encouraging other people, and supporting others - you may want to try being more invested in your company and position and ask for more responsibility. On the other hand (2), if you know that you simply don’t like your job…. look for a new one. Find a new role within the company or simply start job searching. You are in charge of your life and nothing will change, if you don’t change it. And sometimes, just the act of searching for others jobs - can empower you to feel more confident and hopeful about your current job.

  • Try Crystals for Encouragement. I love using crystals and oils to help shift my energy, so try on these crystals to help lift your mood. Amethyst, Obisidian, Citrine, Lapis Lazuli, and Rhodochrosite. You can meditate with these crystals in your hand or on your body and wear them in your bra or packets for good energy.

For more tips: check out my video on this!

I’m sure you’ve been in this position before, trying to stay happy when you hate your job.

What advice do you have? What tips have helped you to stay optimistic when you don’t like your job? Let me know down below!