Can Organic Tampons Stop Period Cramps?

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I have incredibly intense and painful periods. That can be caused by a number of things, but I recognized that whenever I used certain pads/tampons, I would experience more uncomfortable, painful, and irritating periods.

So I started to do my research on the chemicals often used within Tampons to keep them “safe” and found that at least 85% of tampons are contain an ingredient called “glyphosate, which is problematic because it is a known cancer-causing agent”. This is incredibly disturbing, but most of us are totally unaware how one of our most sensitive areas is being fed an ingredient so dangerous to our bodies - on a monthly basis.

The other threat is Dioxin, a bleaching agent that is placed within tampons. No matter it’s intention, studies have found that “dioxins are known to cause cancer in animals, and probably cause cancer in people. The EPA also has determined that people exposed to high levels of dioxins may be at risk for a damaged immune system, increased risk of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), and reduced fertility. One study found that 80% of monkeys exposed to dioxin developed endometriosis, a painful disease in which uterine tissue is found outside the uterus, frequently leading to infertility.[4]”

I’m sure you’ve heard of endometriosis and the intense amount of pain that causes to a woman during her period.

These toxins that are placed inside of these products could be contributing to the problems that many women are facing when it comes to fertility issues & cancers. And it’s time we take that seriously.

It’s for that reason that I now only use organic tampons and pads, and I have noticed a difference in my periods since making the change. My periods are a tad less painful and I definitely experience a lot less skin irritations.

It is so important it is that we research the beauty products we use on a daily basis.
Especially, because we are exposing ourselves to unhealthy chemicals all day long.
For example, from the air, which has tons of nasty things floating in it due to pollution - we can’t avoid that. But we use face creams, skin creams, foundations, highlighters, lipsticks, etc. and nail polishes that have cancer causing toxins inside them.
And now, our period products can cause a lot of damage to our skin and internal chemistry.
The average woman is exposed to over 168 chemicals a DAY - which means, it would do you good to at least start somewhere when it comes to replacing your beauty products.

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So with that being said, a few of the Tampons and Pads I recommend are:

L. Organic Cotton Tampons & Pads:

Do you ever struggle with feeling really dry and itchy down there during your periods? It could be because your tampons, can take out all of the natural moisture your vulva needs to feel comfortable. These products are my favorite because they are effective, but they don’t dry out the area. And I also notice, I experience WAY less cramping as a result of this too. I purchase these at Target.

Cora Organic Tampons & Pads


These are available at Targets, I really like their products as well. Their pads are really comfortable and soft. Plus, the paper around the pads is actually a cotton like material, so it doesn’t make any sounds at all when you open it, which is really nice!

Another cool thing about Cora is you can purchase these online and you can actually have them shipped to your house monthly! So no more trips to the store, which is nice too!

Seventh Generation Tampons


Seventh Generation has a lot of clean products and I’ve used some of them and like them a lot! I haven’t tried their tampons and pads but I have heard a lot of good things about this brand. So check out these products if you don’t have Cora or L available in your stores. I also found Seventh Generation at Target.

Do you use organic tampons and pads? If so, what brands do you recommend? I’m always looking for more options but I definitely think if you’re not using organic personal products - make that your next priority. It’s very much worth it for your health and sanity.